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  1. Personally I don't think so. It would be very disconcerting in limiting weather conditions if an aircrew had initiated an autoland only to have the aircraft perform these characteristics so close to touchdown. Furthermore I have proved that by injecting a negligible crosswind into the sim of say 2 knots, the observed behaviour does not occur.
  2. What is interesting to me is that it does not take much crosswind to eliminate the phenomenon altogether. I have just tried a 8nm ILS approach to LEBL Barcelona RW25R, on a course heading of 245 degrees and injected a negligible crosswind into the sim of 180 degrees at 2 knots (constant, non-varying), and the momentary rolls did not occur. Note that I used the full monty of scenery here with Orbx EuropeLC and Orbx Barcelona city scene and also the Sim-wings Barcelona airport scenery. How the provision of some motion (albeit very modest and indiscernible) in the atmosphere can prevent the anomaly, perhaps needs to be discussed and understood. I guess for those affected this is at least a workaround. Without it the roll is very uncomfortable at a few hundred feet AGL on an approach. Any comments from Aerosoft about this?
  3. Thanks for bringing this known phenomenon to my attention. As you have pointed out if I inject a crosswind into the landing, the phenomenon does not show. I hope that Aerosoft can find a fix for this soon.
  4. I have just tried another well-known product (a Boeing 777) on the same approach, with both the Simwings Barcelona airport and the Orbx Barcelona city scenery installed and there is no problem with uncommanded roll manoeuvres on an ILS approach to RW25R at Barcelona. It appears to be the case that the observed problem is aircraft-specific.
  5. I am using Version It is definitely the interaction of the Orbx Barcelona city scenery on this aircraft. If you deactivate the Orbx Barcelona city scenery and use the Orbx EuropeLC scenery, the observed behaviour does not occur.
  6. I have just rerun the approach with initially the Simwings Barcelona airport removed then without the Orbx Barcelona city scenery installed and, in the first case the problem was still present and in the second case it did not occur. It must be something to do with the magnetic attraction of the Orbx Barcelona scenery! I shall investigate further governing the use of the Orbx city scenery.
  7. I am using the A320 IAE variant in the Professional Series.
  8. I have been practicing approaches to Barcelona LEBL RW25R and observed that on an ILS approach to this runway two uncommanded rolls to starboard followed immediately with a recovery to level flight occurred whilst on the ILS approach with autopilot and APPR selected. Nil wind is being used under a clear sky. I am using the Simwings Barcelona airport scenery and Orbx EuropeLC and Orbx Barcelona city scenery. Any thoughts about this behaviour? I would have thought that if the approach from 8nm had come under the authority of the ILS, then in the absence of buffeting etc from weather inputs, no such behaviour should have been observed. It might be interesting to remove the Simwings airport scenery and observe if the behaviour occurs with the default airport.
  9. I have posted on the FSDG forum and the final and definitive response from their developer Thorsten is: "EDIT: I only just realized we completely removed the mission from the final release candidate. It's not an official feature of the addon (not listed on the product pages). We should remove it from the manual though. Sorry for the inconvenience." This means that no mission tutorial is installed in Prepar3d v3, although the installer I purchased does install the mission tutorial in FSX and FSX-SE. Note to Forum Administrator: please close the topic as a definitive response to the thread has been provided by FSDG for the Paro scenery.
  10. That the tutorial is not really needed may well be the case if you adhere to the RNAV approaches which are now published for Paro. What the tutorial does provide is a fun procedure which initially requires the use of a VOR beacon combined with a talk-through commentary and commands as the approach unwinds (very much a hands-on procedure with limited use of autopilot and certainly no automation through the programming of an RNAV procedure). The idea is that you initially fly towards the airport on a heading of 328 degrees at 12,500 feet and confirm visual contact, then perform a hazardous 180 degree turn within a gorge to attempt a visual landing on RW15. It would seem that this procedure may have been followed for Paro before the advent of an RNAV alternative, hazardous though it is. I am not arguing about the lack of study material, but merely seeking the developer's response on whether the tutorial created for Paro was intended to be used in Prepar3D (it only installs in FSX and FSX-SE) and, if so, why we cannot install it directly into the sim.
  11. Well I have now managed to transfer the Missions installed in FSX-SE for FSDG Paro to Prepar3D v4 successfully such that the tutorial and exam are possible to use in Prepar3D v4 itself. The trick for the Airbus A319 Professional has been to load the A319 in Prepar3D v4 and save the flight. This creates a ASC file which is compatible with the A319 Professional (the ASC file installed in the missions folder in FSX-SE with FSDG Paro is incompatible with the 64-bit version of the Airbus). Simply replace the original ASC file installed by FSDG Paro with the ASC file for the Airbus A319 Professional. When you start Prepar3D v4 and load the tutorial (Paro-Tutorial_A319), the aircraft loads successfully and you can follow the tutorial. I still think some response from the scenery project manager may well be required, lest he/she has a better solution for those wishing to follow the tutorial in Prepar3D v3/v4.
  12. I have installed FSDG Paro in FSX-SE, which does actually install the tutorials in the missions folder. If I then copy the tutorials in the Scenarios/Tutorials folder in Prepar3d v3, the Paro tutorial with the Drukair A319 does actually work in Prepar3D v3 with appropriate editing to account for the folder change between FSX-SE and Prepar3d v3 itself. So, I have proved the point that it is possible to use the FSX-SE mission in Prepar3D v3, but there may be incompatibilities between the file formats in Prepar3D v4 which prevent the use of such tutorials in this sim. It will still be of advantage to confirm everything with the appropriate contact at FSDG to make things abundantly clear.
  13. Many thanks again, Mathijs and I look forward to a definitive response from the manager concerned.
  14. The User Manual for FSDG Paro does actually state that a tutorial is available in Prepar3D under Scenarios/Tutorials (not missions). My question is therefore raised which tutorial in Prepar3D v3 since this was not installed with FSDG Paro?
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