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  1. I have been practicing an RNAV approach to Kathmandu runway 02 with the A330 in P3D v5. The aircraft flies the RNAV correctly, but L/DEV and V/DEV display in flashing amber with no deviation markers on the PFD. Should the V/DEV deviation marker display on the PFD for an RNAV approach, or is this functionality absent on the A330?
  2. In Vol 1, Page 19 of the documentation for the A330 fuel Planner, it is stated: "After setting the variables you must push Generate Loadsheet. There are two ways to load the data (passengers, cargo and fuel) to the aircraft. Automatically if “Autoload with aircraft” is ticked or manually using the MCDU2 LOAD/FUEL menu." Where do we tick "Autoload with aircraft", or is this a feature yet to be introduced?
  3. If you change time and date in P3D v4.5, the A330 VC displays change to self-test mode. This can seemingly be remedied by reloading the aircraft, but otherwise it would appear to be a definite bug. Has this been identified by the development team and what is its priority, please? Oh, and just to say I am very pleased with the Airbus and the active support that is being offered. I can think of many other developers who are very tardy in their response to bugs/improvements so it is always good that Aerosoft is switched on and delivering in order to improve the product.
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