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  1. Yes, you are perfectly correct! All fine and operative now!
  2. I have been practicing an RNAV approach to Kathmandu runway 02 with the A330 in P3D v5. The aircraft flies the RNAV correctly, but L/DEV and V/DEV display in flashing amber with no deviation markers on the PFD. Should the V/DEV deviation marker display on the PFD for an RNAV approach, or is this functionality absent on the A330?
  3. In Vol 1, Page 19 of the documentation for the A330 fuel Planner, it is stated: "After setting the variables you must push Generate Loadsheet. There are two ways to load the data (passengers, cargo and fuel) to the aircraft. Automatically if “Autoload with aircraft” is ticked or manually using the MCDU2 LOAD/FUEL menu." Where do we tick "Autoload with aircraft", or is this a feature yet to be introduced?
  4. If you change time and date in P3D v4.5, the A330 VC displays change to self-test mode. This can seemingly be remedied by reloading the aircraft, but otherwise it would appear to be a definite bug. Has this been identified by the development team and what is its priority, please? Oh, and just to say I am very pleased with the Airbus and the active support that is being offered. I can think of many other developers who are very tardy in their response to bugs/improvements so it is always good that Aerosoft is switched on and delivering in order to improve the product.
  5. Problem completely solved now. I have run the "Delete Generated Files" module from the installation folder of Prepar3D v4 and deleted the Prepar3D.cfg file and, even with the default F-22 loaded initially, I can now load the A320/A321 without this problem arising. So, something obviously amiss within the junk cleared out which had corrupted the loading of the A320/A321. Case solved and closed now, unless there are any other inputs from other users/moderators.
  6. Right, I have just changed the default aircraft from the Raptor to an F-16 and if I now load any A320 or A321 (IAE or CFM), the problem has gone away. Also, if I load the A320 or A321 from the Scenario Screen without having first loaded the default aircraft, again the problem does not occur. It would appear that, with my particular system, the default Raptor seems to corrupt things with the A320/A321 although one might have thought that this will be true of all installations which, as you have mentioned, is not apparently the case. I can live with having changed the default from an F-22 to an F-16 but puzzled otherwise as to why a previous loading could have had such an effect.
  7. The "wing wave" phenomenon is another issue to that of this thread, but I merely deactivated all references to Orbx Global (which had been installed by the new version 4 of Orbx Central) and the problem was eliminated from e.g. an approach to Atlanta KATL for which I use Imaginesim KATL scenery. Early days yet but there may be ways of alleviating this unphysical and uncontrolled behaviour by way of the scenery selection (as I have found). Back to the subject matter of this thread, ALL A320 IAE default liveries have the altitude setting problem (the CFM variant is immune from this issue) and ALL A321 variants are affected (IAE and CFM). I am not sure if this is livery-related rather than variant-related (i.e. IAE or CFM). I have been using the default liveries provided in the installation. That I can use the A320 CFM liveries (but not any of the others) is strange indeed. Perhaps I should try to obtain other liveries and see if this is a default livery-related issue on my PC.
  8. Bingo! Some progress at last which you may be able to throw some light on. I had been using an A320 IAE variant (JetBlue N828JB) when the problems identified have occurred. If I use an A320 CFM variant (Niki OE-LEA), the problem is absent and I can operate the aircraft comfortably. I am only guessing, but possibly this is an issue with the IAE variant of the A320 (and possibly also the A318/A319/A321). Perhaps this needs looking into. Finally, the uncontrolled "wing wave" that has been found to occur on an ILS approach with autoland selected, when the aircraft performs an uncontrolled roll to starboard and then recovers immediately afterwards, is eliminated if I do not use Orbx FTX Global scenery. The phenomenon is not in the least bit associated with fps dropping or any other influence besides, at least where my system is concerned. I hope that the information above is a good starting point to getting the altitude setting problem resolved..
  9. I am installing the Airbus to the default chosen by the installer, in my case C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Aerosoft and I have indeed right clicked and run as administrator.
  10. Just tried another clean install and still the same problem. My suspicions are raised because I don't have this issue with I have tried an installation with and without antivirus (Kaspersky) switched off but still the same result. For your information I am using the instant download from the Aerosoft.com website as a source for version
  11. I am experiencing a bug in whereby when I load the A320 on the ground having previously loaded the default Raptor, ALT flashes alternately between being green at the top of the PFD and then in blue just below it. Also I cannot select altitude on the autopilot panel, which is stuck on 100 feet and cannot be selected otherwise. I believe the problem is apparent in the A318/A319/A321 as well. This obviously renders this version useless for me. This bug did not appear in, which is completely free of this issue since I have tested this version quite thoroughly.
  12. Personally I don't think so. It would be very disconcerting in limiting weather conditions if an aircrew had initiated an autoland only to have the aircraft perform these characteristics so close to touchdown. Furthermore I have proved that by injecting a negligible crosswind into the sim of say 2 knots, the observed behaviour does not occur.
  13. What is interesting to me is that it does not take much crosswind to eliminate the phenomenon altogether. I have just tried a 8nm ILS approach to LEBL Barcelona RW25R, on a course heading of 245 degrees and injected a negligible crosswind into the sim of 180 degrees at 2 knots (constant, non-varying), and the momentary rolls did not occur. Note that I used the full monty of scenery here with Orbx EuropeLC and Orbx Barcelona city scene and also the Sim-wings Barcelona airport scenery. How the provision of some motion (albeit very modest and indiscernible) in the atmosphere can prevent the anomaly, perhaps needs to be discussed and understood. I guess for those affected this is at least a workaround. Without it the roll is very uncomfortable at a few hundred feet AGL on an approach. Any comments from Aerosoft about this?
  14. Thanks for bringing this known phenomenon to my attention. As you have pointed out if I inject a crosswind into the landing, the phenomenon does not show. I hope that Aerosoft can find a fix for this soon.
  15. I have just tried another well-known product (a Boeing 777) on the same approach, with both the Simwings Barcelona airport and the Orbx Barcelona city scenery installed and there is no problem with uncommanded roll manoeuvres on an ILS approach to RW25R at Barcelona. It appears to be the case that the observed problem is aircraft-specific.
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