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  1. Hello, Thx for your answer, Nope, only using windows configuration panel for uninstall A318/19 and A320/21. reinstallation with AV disabled. I "solved" my issue with a dirty workaround: I had an old version of the xml files in a backup of my documents folder.. so, edit/modify it and put them in the correct folder... Seems to work, or at least now seen in ASupdater, not testing the update, I have issues with actual version (managed speed for ex) and i'll stay in version until a new version is available. Good day Pascal
  2. Hello, Maybe a basic question, butI didn't find answer, after desintallation/reinstallation of A3xx family, Asupdater doesn't work anymore, I only have a window with the message "no product found". Planes are present and functional in Prepar3D 4.3 but in Asupdater directory, the products folder is empty. What's wrong ? Thanks Pascal
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