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  1. thanks Nick, really admire your work by the way.
  2. after reinstalling for sp1, where can I download the main BeaverX files, I can only find the updates?
  3. Hats off to everybody who works on this project. I have flown BeaverX almost exclusively since it was released and loved every minute. The fact that you respond to customers suggestions, requests and questions so quickly and add them in amazes me. I can't wait until tomorrow night when I have enough time to tackle the included mission. Software publishers, heck business in general around the world should take a lesson from Aerosoft.
  4. No, I searched high and low and finally posted the question above.
  5. Thanks Shaun This worked perfectly, just need to create a key combo to switch from radio to GPS as you explained.
  6. I know most BeaverX pilots probably don't use Auto Pilot but I was just wondering how to switch from radio to GPS navigation. I can set the GPS course but can't get the plane to follow it. Is there a switch that I can't seem to find as in most other planes or is the GPS intended as simply a guide and not linked into the AP. This is the best addon plane, (or addon period) I've ever purchased. Value, quality and quantity. I love exploring with this bird. Keep up the great work!
  7. Wow my number 1 ride just got better, you guys are simply the best. Great job.
  8. I've got to say that for a mere $21 Canadian this is an unbeatable package. 45 unique and customizable aircraft, excellent sound, and just a blast to fly. This baby is so easy to get in the air, trim and land. I love exploring in the BeaverX as I have more time to take screenshots and explore. Great job Aerosoft
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