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  1. Look, I think if they fly with the same performance they flew on P3Dv3, we'll have Airbuses champions in the world of simulators on PCs.
  2. Very nice, for sure. Keep up the great work. I already have the previous one, but I need this one updated. I'm looking forward to installing it soon. Thank you very much. Cheers,
  3. This long haul thing is for a few people, I suspect. They're special people, and I respect that a lot. I've been and I'am (sometimes I'm not) a pilot. Today I'm more simmer than pilot. When my main activity was flying, I hated long journeys. But ... I always had to execute them ... LoL On the other hand, I always liked the simulators because they were used to perform the essential and most vital in the flying activity. Leveled flight on the simulator is only for emergency training... but one can fly leveled - sometimes it's good. Incidentally, I was an expert on these things, mainly in the specifications and implementation of large units for specific purposes. Usually military, so I can not speak of them: they are classified. But back to the topic, it does not matter to me the distance to fly, but the departure, the arrival, the IFR procedures, the takeoffs and the landings... And the emergency procedures, etc. SSometimes I get a route to fly at the simulator. And I do all these things: take off, execute a SID, climb to the FL and I hold that FL for a minute or two. But next moment, I speed up the simulator at warp 2, 4 and up to 8, until about 3 to 5 minutes before the descent point. LoL I like the technology embedded in these amazing machines. I like to keep myself up-to-date with this world: the world of aviation. In conclusion, I applaud commercial organizations (these that facilitate our access to this technology), which take the risk, and have the good taste of dedicating themselves to developing these products that we aspire to. Everything is a great job. Nothing can be free: they give work and produce expenses. If there is no planning and control in the execution of these undertakings ... they will fail! It's not what I, or rather, we want, isn't it? Congratulations Aerosoft for venturing and providing us with these wonders. I'm going to pay for your work and I'm very satisfied with that. I'll not be paying for what I already bought, in the strict sense of the concept: I will pay for a total retrofit. That's very fair. Cheers,
  4. Hi I-dany, Well, you're correct. There are really several "crash-point" or "crash-box" into the scenery. This is easy to fix. The developer can arrange it soon, I think. For now, to continue using the scenery, you can disable the "detect crash" in P3D v4 by pressing <Options> then <General> then <Realism> by checking "Ignore crashes and damage". But if you forget to disable it, when spawning in the scenery, proceed as shown in the screenshot below, and disable the crash detector. 1. 2. Cheers,
  5. Using Pilot's FS Global Ultimate NG, you'll probably have the problems on the apron, shown below: Using FS Global 2010FTX (maybe 2018, I'm not sure about this), you'll have the apron working fine, as below: Whatever the mesh used, the morphing shown in your video will continue. I think this issue needs to be reviewed. Cheers,
  6. Nope, it does not really help. The process of morphing around the aerodrome is constant. This version of Lukla also does not go well with Pilot's FS Global Ultimate NG mesh, but it works with the 2010 version, maybe the 2018, the latter I do not have. Cheers,
  7. Yeah, go there and hit Vector. Type LIRA in the AEC-column "disabled". If LIRA was there, fine, just adjust the height on the mesh.
  8. HI, see my settings. Put everything the same and it should work. Of course this is a P3Dv4, but it's the same for P3Dv3. 1▼ 2▼ 3▼ Cheers,
  9. Just put down in that new version what you think is possible and what pleases most of the interested ones, right? I'll like even so!
  10. Whatever you do and be helpful I pay with pleasure. Count me in. Cheers,
  11. Truth? I missed this update. I'll download it now. Thanks,
  12. That's what we do with the "FMC"'s procedures: we review the route, and mainly the waypoints, making the necessary adjustments or keeping the breaks for vectors until the possibility of redirecting to the next waypoint, is not this the correct procedure? Lol. I think so...
  13. Me again, Really. After installing the latest Windows 10 update, the font no longer shows on my Twotter panel. I then applied the "Rebuild_Font_Cache.bat" quoted by @fyrakoto (id # 11) with the Windows reboot and the font returned. Let's see if it (the font) remains. Cheers,
  14. Hi all, No other provision should be made other than installing this update of Windows 10: windows10.0-kb4020102-x64_9d406340d67caa80a55bc056e50cf87a2e7647ce.msu. You can download it here officially here: https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4020102 Installing it, for example, my Twin Otter returned to show the figures here: Cheers,
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