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  1. @MK-Studios Imho, if someone adds a new scenery add-on, that person wants it to work with all the "big" existing and "normal" scenery systems used by everyone who has this hobby. In the case in question, mesh, vectorization, globalization of scenery, are already in the markets for a long time and are very dear, appreciated and tested. All new add-ons should seek to adapt to live with these systems. No user, consumer wants to install a new add-on and have to venture to make structural modifications in the simulators and into the various other add-ons, without knowledge of cause, to have what they want - and, as is the case here, almost always without success. In fact one did not buy a treat/enjoyment, but a big headache. Please, and with all due respect, MK-Studio make your product a breeze for the simmers community, not a pain. We want Madeira, if possible, as satisfied users. Best regards,
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