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  1. I'm on the AS-shop-version, and you're right. With your help I could find my files ...
  2. One more hint from my side: on my PC MSFS didn't even create a folder "aerosoft-crj" in the appdata/roaming folder. But my CRJ works, at least on the ground. All displays are on. Hadn't the time yet to start a first flight. AppData/Roaming/../Packages: no CRJ-folder, no "m"-files. Maybe this folder has been created somewhere else, but I didn't change anything during the installation (I've installed the CRJ 3 times, just to check this) AppData/Local/.../Community: 1,61 GB installed without issues
  3. .. and I'm missing the castle that is present in the P3D version.
    Finally the crispy Airbus cockpit I always dreamed about. Now this Airbus is perfect. In my opinion, AS should include these textures in their Airbus package by default. Thank you for your efforts, Emanuel, and of course I didn't forget to donate ;-)
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