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    Spoiler Warning

    Ok next idea which is only a fishing but if for example the joystick has an not really correct 0% and the joystick 0 is jumping for example between 0.00% and 0.05% then the trigger should come ? Because i think we all know that a pontentiometer sometimes get old and not really can see the 0.0000001% of movement. At this point we may can say its a joystick problem but yeah the other way can be to give the IDLE description a 0% to 0.9%. like a deadzone. But its only a idea if the problem is related to this issue.
  2. SaschaBr

    Spoiler Warning

    I think in these cases maybe it would help if the trigger for the warning should be for example 250knots for Warning ON and 245Knots for Warning OFF. Because when the A/C speed is staying around 250knots the warning will come and go all the time. So a delayed trigger would maybe help ?
  3. Congrats to the winners Hope they will enjoy the A330 the same as they enjoy the A318/A319
  4. Vllt schaust du dir einmal deine Achsen Konfigurationen an ob dort irgendwie die Spoiler (Störklappen) mit einer achse verbunden sind welche bei deinen yosticks stetig in der Mittelstellung ist. Maybe u take a look into your axis configuration if the spoilers are linked to any axis of your joysticks which are steady in normal position.
  5. Look here there at the end u find the solution which ure looking for the sound topic https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/495942-sound-pausing-when-using-2nd-monitor-in-p3d/
  6. Can u may check if u have these files ? LOG EVENT -> F:\Prepar3D v4 LOG EVENT -> R4.CSV file found.... LOG EVENT -> SCHEMA.INI file found.... R4.csv and SCHEMA.INI should be in your P3Dv4 Main folder. If not or even u have these files it would be worth to change your secirty access of the whole p3dv4 folder that u able to have full access. After that reinstall the RAAS. Maybe without the permissions some files arent getting transfered the right way.
  7. Normally from my side it wasn’t planned that the thread get closed. Maybe they hopefully will reopen it
  8. Always a delay though JOKE I think we all know after the CRJ and the new Airbus that every single day of delay from u guys are worth enough to wait
  9. Getting more used and dirty but really its hard to find the right spot between Ok and too much Much of adjusting But its good that it can afterwards implemented for each Airbus Liverie itself. Hope this helps a littlebit to feel more comfortable for those who like it to get it used and dirty
  10. Oh what do i see here ? Maybe after the last flight they didnt cleaned enough though Maybe they will clean less and its getting a more used touch in the next days
  11. Also so kompliziert ist es meiner Meinung nach nicht . Du lädst dir das Livery herunter. Lässt es via Livery Manager installieren und musst im Anschluss lediglich die "texture.cfg" von einem der mitgeliferten Liveries dort rein schmeißen und das wars. Denke mal das lediglich der Livery Manager angepasst werden müsste, dass er die texture.cfg mit dem richtigen FallBack verzeichnis gleich rein packt und dann sollte es auch mit den alten Liveries funktionieren.
  12. U will close it permanently ? Because i think even the contest is over that the community will continue to post screenshots. I would do because yeah the contest is only a nice goody but not my primary intention for posting the screenshots.
  13. Coffe looks a bit like a laughing frog
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