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  1. sorry but I encounter this as well. without touching the keyboard, just clicking on a different program, like vRoute or EFB the A330 just shoots forward. By the time it is back under control the brakes are so hot that I have to take off and fly a long time at FL100 to cool them off. It is btw the only AC that has this problem cheers Peter
  2. Use the Autopilot that is part of the AC. Once engaged and you are at your cruise altitude, engage the lever on the right hand side of the Autopilot cluster and the AC continues at your chosen altitude cheers Peter
  3. I am using Ecdoc with the view system disabled
  4. I had ya similar issue a couple of times. new load, all goes well until whilst taxiing and changing focus onto other screen shortly, A330 shoots down the taxiway like on take off. Getting it back to normal speed overheats the breaks and it demands flying with the gear out sometimes up to Fl 200 to get the break temp back to normal peter
  5. All good. Did an uninstall/reinstall. Updated again through the Updates and everything is now working as it should Topic can be closed Peter
  6. Hi, ever since the latest update, I am having problems with the configuration of the fuel system. Despite all mains in fill and the center tank lever in the Center Wing Tank "On" position, no flows are to be seen from the center tank into the other tanks. Instead the system is using the fuel from the engine 2 and 3 Alt Tanks. The Pic enclosed is after a cruise at 36,000 ft of 9nearly 2 hours and I am afraid the engines will shut down soon. What do I do wrong? Prepare 4.5 Help will be appreciated Peter
  7. Stephen still works here in YMML, 2 minutes ago, no problem what so ever including SID/STAR cheers Peter
  8. Stephen, with all due respect, Simbrief went through all the same changes and it still works. something has gone “out of wack” in PFPX and this should be on your list of fixes. I do accept that you’ve got a lot on right now, but as you are facing the same problems, it might be an incentive for you too to check what is going on A peaceful Christmas to all Peter
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