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  1. Yes but the last sentence in referring to solving Orbx problems say it all ... "ABP_LPMA_Default.bgl and ABP_LPPS_Default.bgl remain unchanged after using the program. So it's required to remove it manually every time you use FTX configurator (!)." In other words every time I turn on the LPMA scenery I have to run the Orbx configurator, meaning I also have to remove the "ABP_LPMA_Default.bgl "
  2. I'm running Orbx FTX Global and FTX Vector and this is what I'm getting , I thought I'd fixed it removing APX43200.bgl cvx4320.bgl from 0502 scenery folder I also removed the same numbered files but had the word madeira included in it's title but alas no joy. this scenery is terrible.
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