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  1. This fix is only for P3D and upwards to P3D v2 I'm looking for Helsinki to work in P3Dv4
  2. Lord Nibbo

    Cologne-Bonn EDDK Jetways ?

    Yes you were correct. GSX was enabled, turning it off fixed the problem
  3. Lord Nibbo

    Cologne-Bonn EDDK Jetways ?

    Yes I do have GSX installed I'll check to see if it is enabled or not. Thanks
  4. Just installed it and love it but I found a problem with jetways near jetway D24. It's exactly the same it SODE is on or off. I've never had another Bonn scenery installed so I cant believe it's a conflict with another ADE file. Infact the only ADE I found is in the World scenery and I believe Aerosoft placed that from this install. Any ideas where the problem lies?
  5. Lord Nibbo

    Bergen Jetways no textures

    All the jetways are black. I'm using P3dv4.3 and I just reinstalled Bergen X as half of each jetway was missing, now after the reinstall those halves that were missing are there but now they have no textures they are all black. I've tried with SODE On and OFF it makes no difference. How do I fix them?
  6. Lord Nibbo

    PBY Catalina undercarriage not simulating correctly

    It's ok now all working fine
  7. I just reinstalled the Catalina on to P3Dv4.3 When I take off from a run way and go to lift the wheels they just disappear there is no simulation of them going up slowly they just disappear, same when putting them down they just suddenly appear in the down position. is there a fix ? I've tried a new install three times and that didn't fix it. looking for an answer?
  8. Lord Nibbo

    Mega airport Rome Fiumicino LIRF

    Downloaded latest version and installed it..... All now fixed.... many thanks for the advice
  9. Lord Nibbo

    Mega airport Rome Fiumicino LIRF

    The config tool dosn't give you a choice as far as having SODE on or off. the only things I can change in the config tool are High or low resolution, 3D Grass on or off, And Static aircraft on or off. Nothing for configuring SODE.
  10. Am I missing jetways? this pic shows me parked up at gate 506, I see no jetways, should there be jetways? I'm using P3Dv4.3 and it is the P3Dv4 version that is installed. If there should be jetways how do I get them to show up?
  11. Aerosoft Mega Airport Helsinki EFHK Does it work in P3Dv4 ?
  12. Will Alta X & Dublin ever be upgraded to work in P3Dv4?
  13. Lord Nibbo

    Tromso X Wind Sock

    Thank you Jo, that certainly fixed it ..... one happy bunny here
  14. Lord Nibbo

    Tromso X Wind Sock

    I'm using Tromso x on P3dv4 The wind sock is animated but it's 300ft off the ground, it's pole is on the ground but the actual sock appears about 300 ft up in the air. (see pics) I'd rather not see them so how do I fix the problem or even remove the wind sock from the scenery?