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  1. Hi Hanse, Thank you for your reply i will switch the signs off after 10.000 feet. And by the parking i will do your method to do it so. I will get used to it. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Well, i wanted to switch at my own point or situation on/off when i want. But in that case it only happens when i descent, i wanted to switch them on it switch itself back to off. And even with the or with the Approach checklist call seatbelt signs i hear then continously a 'tick' sound after them switching the seatbelt signs on, when i have them auto or off. And when i am parked at the Airport of Destination, even there i wanted it turn off the seatbelt signs, but it then switching itself back on. That's my kinda issue that i have. Regards, Cemre.
  3. Hello Guys, I was wondering, if there's any chance when able to switch the seatbelt signs on/off while the checklist button and the co-pilot button are enabled. In Aerosoft Airbus Extended version, i was then able to do it so. But now when i have the professional version. It won't switch it to on/off when i want to do it so. Now i am thinking if you guys, has a solution for this. Regards, Cemre.
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