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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply. I found out that when using the fuelplanner there wasn`t enough fuel loaded in my plane. That was the reason for stopping in mid-air. šŸ™‚ Regards. Niels
  2. Hi, Just now, 42 miles before T/D LOWI my plane shuts down completely. Every display is black and the enigines stopped. Nothing works anymore. What is wrong? P3Dv4 en Airbus A320-A321 Pro for P3Dv4 Regards, Niels
  3. Hello, Same here. The flightplan generated bij PFPX is loaded but no legs visible. The same goes for the pre-installed routes. If I load them through the FMS it`s the same. The route is loaded but no legs. I use P3DV4 with the latest navigraph AIRAC. In FSX this wasn`t a problem. Regards Niels
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