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  1. 1. I always start reading the forum with 'unread content' in condensed format. It is normally nearly impossible to guess the mentioned Sim or Add-on out of the listed headlines. Can the threads for the different Sims/Add-ons be more clearly seperated? We have so many of them currently and for me it would be a great benefit when reading e.g. [FSX, FSX-SE] or [XPlane] or [P3Dv4] or ... prior to the headline of the new post. So I can skip reading new posts which are not on my interest list. 2. Some time ago when clicking on 'Mark site read' the activity list was automa
  2. The today updating 'marathon', full build install of a minor minor update (v1.2.0.0 to v1.2.0.1) and furthermore an update to a major minor v1.2.1.0 via the updater ended in a malfunction of the configurator which was working fine after the full install of build v1.2.0.1. OS Windows 10 1909, P3Dv4.5 HF3 in use.
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