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  1. Problem for me was solved by reinstalling the Bus without RAAS. I have seen this before on updates. Don't forget to delete both the bus and Raas before reinstalling. Dave J
  2. Try uninstalling Raas. I find that crashes my system. Dave J
  3. Off course it is your decision, however it caused me lots of strife and probably others as well. You offer the option not to install it, so maybe notice to state it could cause problems is sufficient. If it worked for me I would use it. I have both brands of airbuses. I prefer the Aerosoft product because of all the bells and whistles. Raas is one of the bells. They both fly well currently and have both have had their problems for me. Dave J
  4. It used to work on my system but somewhere back 2 or 3 weeks something happened. Who knows what, I am just saying the worry is not worth the gain for me. Dave J
  5. Yes doesn't do that much for the bus. Better off without it. Aerosoft should drop it. Dave J
  6. Actually this problem developed for me about 3 weeks ago. Tried re installs of P3D and A320. After about 15 seconds of loading the A320 crashed out of P3D. After much testing and reading forums I have found Raas is causing the problem. After uninstalling Raas problem has disappeared. Dave J
  7. Hi, I have to apologies. My setting were slightly different and now it works. Thanks very much Dave J
  8. Hi That exactly how I have set it up. It works but I don't get full reverse thrust ,only half. I am convinced that it is something in the A320 software. I have a competitors A320 which works perfectly but I prefer the Aerosoft extra features. So I will just use it as it is. Something may change in the future. Dave J
  9. No I don't think it is Logitech as if I remove the joystick assignments and use the reverse straight from F2 on the keyboard the reverse lever goes to about 50% reverse then moves around.
  10. OK recalibrating as you suggested has corrected the idle position however I still have the problem with reverse thrust. Something is causing the handles to intermittently go forward while holding reverse thrust. This action is the same if I use F2 on the keyboard or the assigned button on the joystick. The link does not seem to help. Dave J
  11. I understand however I don't see how I can introduce dead zone
  12. Further I get this jumping back and forward even if I just use f2 on the keyboard?
  13. More information, I am using fsuicp for all assignments as per the instructions from Aerosoft. Have no settings P3d throttle setup in fact joystick system is turned off. I have calibrated using windows calibration. I am using a Logitech G940 throttle When I set idle on throttle the Bus throttle moves very slightly forward when taking hand off throttle. If I push F1 the throttles set at the right place and do not move again until operated, so I have allocated a button on the throttle to activate F1 through FSUICP. For reverse thrust I am using another button to activate F2 which has activate while held set. This all works except when using reverse thrust the Buss throttle jumps back and forward between reverse an idle. Any ideas? Dave J
  14. Is it possible, when using button control for reverse thrust control, that the joystick Aerosoft software is trying to pull the throttles back to idle at the same time thus giving an uneven response? Dave j
  15. 3rd flight went well including 2 go rounds
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