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    Flight Plan Template Guide 2.0

    I'd like to second that request for an updated version of the FP template guide!
  2. El Stevo

    validation error

    I get the very same error since a couple of weeks. For some reason, PFPX now uses the aircraft's registration instead of the callsign used for the flight, and leaves the registration empty in the remarks section.. I got this error for the first time yesterday, while planning a new flight from my flight schedule. Plane is selected, flight has a (alphanumeric) callsign assigned to it. So just to clarify: Stephen, in your screenshot you can see that in the first line, a 'normal' callsign is submitted. (ESA7903), and the aircrafts' registration is placed in the remarks' section. (REG/ECETK). This is how it's always been for me. But for some reason, as of yesterday, I get the same outcome as Torben; it replaces the callsign with the aircrafts' registration, and leaves that blank in the remarks' section. (FPL-ECETK-IS while it should've started with (FPL-ESA7903-IS.
  3. Hi, I was wondering if it's currently possible to display the average winds on certain flightlevels on the OFP. For instance, KLM shows the AVGW on their OFP's for three different flightlevels. On the real OFP I have, they use FL310, FL200 and FL100. The planned cruising level for the particular flight the OFP was made for, was FL380. (Kristiansand to Amsterdam) I don't know for sure how the three flightlevels are chosen, but since we can choose the altitude of the windcharts we want to include in the OFP generated by PFPX, I thought it would be a neat feature to have. So incase I've missed a certain code in the new Flightplan Formatting guide 2.0, please let me know what code I can use to display the average wind on a certain FL/ ALT. If it's not possible, I'd like to take this opportunity to request this feature. Many thanks, Stefan
  4. El Stevo

    PNR and PNR Hold

    I've found a rather interesting forum topic over at PPRUNE about the subject of PNR (Points of No Return). Have a read here: http://www.pprune.org/archive/index.php/t-273717.html Stefan
  5. Hi all, My installation of PFPX is giving me "wrong" co-route names. It uses the type of routebuilding (Min. Cost, Min. Dist, etc) to name a company route. For example: Right now I'm planning a flight from Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) to Barcelona El Prat (BCN). I used the minimum distance rules to plot a route. The Co-route is then named 'AMSBCN-MDT', rather than 'AMSBCN01', like it used to do.. I'm running v1.28.0. Any ideas? Thanks, Stefan
  6. El Stevo

    Company Route naming

    Thanks Tom, that did the trick for me as well, cheers!
  7. Bruce, Rudy, Thanks for your replies. Been out flying hence my late reply. I'll have a read through some of the change logs but I don't recall any of the new/ updated features in terms of OFP templates being mentioned there on how to implement them. I like your idea Rudy, might be a good starting point! Stefan
  8. Hi Christian, others, I'm looking through the PFPX Flightplan Template guide while creating a template, however, it seems it's missing a lot of new features that have been added through time. Does anyone have an updated version? Otherwise I'd like to request an updated version from Christian Thanks, Stefan
  9. El Stevo

    MCDU via webserver combination topic

    Hi all, I recently reinstalled Windows 7 (64bit) and everything with it as usual. However, I'm unable to start the Extended Connected program so I can use the webserver.. It gives me the 'Side by Side comfiguration' error, both for the A318/19 and the A320/21. Any ideas? Everything else (like the configurators and route managers) work fine, and I have all the C++ and .Net Frameworks installed.. Thanks, Stefan