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  1. Figured as much. I don’t fly captainsim products all that often, but when i do, your cdu would dramatically improve the experience!
  2. Can’t believe i am about to ask this…BUT any chance this will work (now or in the future) with captainsim products?
  3. thanks for assistance.....wouldn't have guessed that sequence of events in a million years. By the way.....this thing is AWESOME!!!
  4. Anyone else having a problem getting the instant load option in the 3rd MCDU to work? I’ve turned GSX sync to off, but still, I can’t get the plane to load the passengers, cargo and especially the fuel instantly! Any ideas?
  5. Instant load doesn’t work me.....i have to wait for gsx to finish doing its thing even though it’s deselected in the 3rd MCDU menu. Any ideas?
  6. same here. not sure about the rest of you but it makes for a wild take off!
  7. 007

    Excessive Fuel use

    ACCCHAAAAAA!!!!! (slaps hand in face!).... I guess I accidentally left off a "0" when entering my weights.....although I can swear I loaded fuel using the fuel planner and initializing the file with the 3rd mcdu. In any event....now it makes sense. Last night I flew from EDDL to KEWR with 64,500kg of fuel - had zero issues. Landed with plenty of fuel in the tank. I did experience other anomalies, but I will search the forum for answers. thanks for the info!
  8. 007

    Excessive Fuel use

    here is my data folder from the other day. Data.zip
  9. 007

    Excessive Fuel use

    i do have a carenado aircraft installed (the ATR). I was offline when it happened. Should i uninstall my ATR? I never use it anyway....it won’t be a loss to me.
  10. 007

    Excessive Fuel use

    I flew from TBPB to EDDL last night and ran out of fuel about 2 hours into the flight. The aircraft had plenty of fuel (I loaded over 51,000kg per simbrief) so I know it wasn't an issue with not having enough fuel to make the journey. Additionally, I turned the APU off after the second engine was started so it couldn't have been the culprit in starving the engines of fuel. Unfortunately I wasn't sitting at my desk when it happened - I returned to my computer moments before the plane struck the ocean - I didn't have much time to assess the problem before impact however I did notice that both engines were off, the aircraft was in a stall, and the fuel tanks were empty. Anyone else experience something similar to this? Maybe I screwed something up?
  11. DUH.....next time i will RTFM! thank you for your help! Not sure how i missed it.
  12. For the life of me I cant get the first officers PFD or NAV display unit to turn on. Even when I load the aircraft in the "ready to taxi" state, the FO's displays are all dark. What am I missing?
  13. OEDIV{ Not sure they will ever operate "normally" again. i live in NYC...and I was here during the attacks on 9/11...and I can tell you that it changes the way you live and operate forever. You learn to adopt a new normal. But things are never the same...how can it be? On a separate note, the scenery in your video looks incredible!!! The airport looks so life-like....and I love the surrounding textures and autogen. Tell me...are you using FTX Global?
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