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  1. Mathijs, Thank you for the quick response. I see now (and I don't know how I missed it during purchase) the store I bought it from had it listed under FSX programs, NOT under FSX:SE programs, which should have been my clue that it might not function under Steam. So, an $18 mistake, but in the grand scheme of things, not that big a deal. Next time, I will have to pay more attention to how the program is listed and to compatibility issues. The option seems to be a Huey from Milviz, which I will try next. Thanks again. Justin Friedland
  2. I see you closed the thread from November from a user regarding the Huey X in FSX:SE, after Mathias said it had not been tested in Steam. I, too, purchased the Huey X, thinking it WOULD work in Steam, since there was no warning that it would not. I find that no matter what I do, I cannot get the helo to respond to my Saitek rudder pedals. I am using the same settings for this helo that I use for a number of other helo's (Cerasim and Dodosim) with no problems. I am not using FSUIPC, just the normal control settings offered by the program. Throttle, Joystick, all other controls work perfectly, just not the rudder pedals. Any chance you could take a look at this and offer a solution? Sure would be appreciative.
  3. Going back to DX9 solved the problem. Might be worth noting for future purchasers.
  4. Just bought, installed, and applied hotfixes. Running FSX:Steam. Main instrument screens come up covered by grey rectangles (see screenshot). If you click on them, the pop up is normal. What do we think is causing this? Also, on a system that normally gets 25-30 fps with the most complex aircraft, I am getting 6.5. Help, please? Justin Friedland
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