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  1. In P3D CTRL + SHFT + 1 would toggle keyboard on and off. I was hoping the MSFS version would have that same feature.
  2. In the P3D version of the CRJ it was possible to use the keyboard to enter flightplans in the FMS. Is that possbile in MSFS? Thanks ... Richard
  3. I installed the upgraded CRJ into P3D v5 HF2 the localizer/gs issue for me is solved in this version. Happy to be flying the CRJ again. Thanks AeroSoft. Richard
  4. I could never get it to work and pretty much gave up. I'll try it again when the P3D V5 upgrade comes out. In the meantime I've been using another RJ for my regional flights. Richard
  5. I updated both the A319 and A320 to from a version prior to 1.3 and now I have the EFB but the screen is black and I can't access it. I don't have the A330 but in \Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX EFB there a folder for the A330 (nothing for A319 or A320). My first question: is the A330 required in order to use the EFB on the A319/A320? If not any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks ... Richard
  6. The screen hots show: 1. - Established on the localizer with APPR armed 2. - Glide slope captured 3.- The plane never descends. The glide slope needle/dot continues to drop until I disable autopilot and do a steep dive for the runway 😞 o Hope this helps. Richard
  7. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I cant get the CRJ Pro to capture the glide slope. I select NAV and capture the localizer okay below the glide slope then I arm APPR. The glide slope needle drops but the aircraft does not descend and I end up above the glide slope. What am I missing? Autopilot is on. Thanks... Richard
  8. No problem Hans, just thought I missed it somewhere and thanks for a wonderful upgrade. Richard
  9. The old CRJ Manager was able to project the amount of fuel required based on distance between points and loadout. Is that functionality available in the new EFB. I'm not finding where it gives me a suggested fuel load. Thanks ... Richard
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