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  1. I did read the manual before I asked those questions, but in the manual you only have ILS/VISUAL examples, not anything to do with RNAV, RNP, etc... definitely I wouldn't be able and figure out the "ID J H30-X_LIMKO" command (unless I missed something) A quick question , why did you replace in the command example the "R" with an "H"? Can you explain to me the logics behind this command? (i can't see anywhere why the "H" is needed) Original: R30-X_LIMKO your command: ID J H30-X_LIMKO Does this mean if I want let's say execute the "X30_BGN" or "R21_VATAT" I need to send a command "H30_BGN" and "H21_VATAT" respectively?
  2. the issue is not the LIMKO STAR, it is the Approach itself. LIMKO star ends at LIMKO waypoint, than the RNP X (R30-X) approach (brown line) procedure starts (like when ILS starts after the last STAR way point) after LIMKO I want to clear the traffic to RNAV / RNP approach (no ILS). but there is no command to clear the traffic to the RNP X approach as it is listed in the photo below the same is true with "R26_LIMKO" (after Limko, how do i clear the traffic for an RNAV approach / not ILS)?
  3. how do I clear traffic for RNP/RNAV APPR? I installed the latest AIRC and I got RNP APPR active, but no matter what command i put in it claims there is no such in the DB... the procedure exists as you can see: how do i know based on teh approach list on teh left side i have, what is teh exact command that i need to type to represent the approach?