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  1. Thanks for the tip. It sounds decent now. But still customer doesn't need to change settings to make it sound nice. This wind sound is not right in any possible way. Like there is a hole in the cockpit. A lot of rw crj pilots telling that the packs sound is extremely loud and what do we got here? I just truly hope we will see some sound mod for a third party developer in the future.
  2. Well, it's seems like the problem is sorted. Don't have a clue, what's the issue? Icing?
  3. Same issue here: Toggle Throttle Reverse Thrust button is not working, activating reverse with a mouse's not working either.
  4. This one https://vkbcontrollers.com/?product=gladiator-nxt
  5. Is it me or the aircraft seems to be overly sensitive on pitch and roll. P.S. My reactivity is set to 20% and I'm not having similar problems with any other aircraft.
  6. Unfortunately there are no sliders.
  7. I've just turned them off and still hear this weird noise. So these are not the packs.
  8. It looks like the wrong audio file was assigned to internal wind sound. Also I second that the engines are too loud. Is it possible to add an audio slider for those of us who prefer reality? Because the plane is awesome, but the sounds killing all immersion.
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