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  1. This is Dave from Aerosoft.  Nice to see you in our forums!


    I was just wondering if you would consider adding DL to the freeware Philadelphia International Airport (KPHL).  I was part of that team many years ago and I have the modified version for P3Dv4.


    Thanks for considering this!


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    2. DaveCT2003


      Many thanks!


    3. vekant


      Hello Dave, I know I told you a long time ago ... in February, but I didn't forget, there is already a version for KPHL available on Inibuilds, but it's an old version, I is currently starting to switch dynamic lighting to V2, more efficient and better, it should be available by the weekend, I will send you the link when it is available. Sorry for the wait ..


    4. DaveCT2003


      Thank you so very much!  Excellent work!


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