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  1. hello I have the same problem Regards, Kévin,
  2. @Ad Sorry for the time, but here is the SODE VDGS profile, Don't hesitate if you have a problem LIMJ VDGS.rar
  3. The update is available at this address: https://inibuilds.ams3.digitaloceanspaces.com/dynamic-lighting/Europe/Italy/iniB LIMJ DL.zip Make sure to reload the effects library and have copy replaced
  4. ok the other surprise, or may not be seen that you must have the extension ... The placement of VDGS SODE
  5. yes of course it will be updated on inibuilds, I will tell you when it is available, I add some surprises
  6. This is Dave from Aerosoft.  Nice to see you in our forums!


    I was just wondering if you would consider adding DL to the freeware Philadelphia International Airport (KPHL).  I was part of that team many years ago and I have the modified version for P3Dv4.


    Thanks for considering this!


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    2. vekant


      a little preview ! 😃


    3. vekant


      Hello there! it's online  😃




      don't forget to download the latest effects library




      Good Flight

    4. DaveCT2003


      Many thanks!


  7. @masterhawk @fyase82 Hello everyone, I just came across this topic, and I'm the developer of DL for inibuilds, if you have the actual info of the type of lighting and color, please. With the recently improved effects, I will be able to update to have a larger radius 😃
  8. thanks to the answer, yes I also use fsuipc backup and at me it does not stutter. yes in priority the card problem 😃
  9. Hello, is it possible in a future update, to be able to save its panel in a certain state, and to resume the backup and the panel is there where I left it? it’s very annoying to have to reconfigure everything.. For example tonight I had a CTD because of the maps, I had made a backup before in case. And when I take back my backup, I have to reconfigure everything. Thanks, Kévin,
  10. Hello, like I had a CTD on LFBZ Biarritz (France) with the navigraph cards
  11. Hello, thank you for the pro crj! I'm really looking forward ! but I bought it on simmarket, do I have to wait for it to be available on simmarket (in how long?) or is there a way to enjoy the update otherwise? thank you Kevin,
  12. Hello, reading the posts, I saw all the liveries there will be, but for the CRJ1000, HOP is not there?
  13. OOOHHHH thanks you very much !! I love the CRJ and even more the 1000 ❤️ Thanks Thanks!
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