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  1. I purchased the A320 and A321 professional a few days a go and for the last couple of days I have been troubleshooting why the aircraft comes up with memory issues just seconds into the simulation. I thought I would post this in case there are others trying to fix the memory issues as well. First P3D V5 is still new and will probably take a few patches to get things 100%. One issue is the amount of memory used at this stage..... that will get fixed. The other issue is that Reallight and Trueglass are still in beta so a likely source to look at. Today I have the Airbus A320 and A321 working well on my computer. This is how I did it. While I absolutely love the rain effect on the windscreen this is an area which is using a lot of memory. I hadnt noticed until I made all the following changes but there is an option in settings for rain effect. Turn it off and see oif it helps. If it does not help, go to the folder where you installed the airbus and , after changing the search options to search within each file, search at the top for every file that contains the word panel.cfg This will bring up 24 files. Edit each file from top to bottom of the list. In earch file search for glass and you will find the following line gauge67=TrueGlass!Core,0,0,1,1 Change this to //gauge67=TrueGlass!Core,0,0,1,1 Save the file and go to the next one. Once all 24 files have been changed, go back into Prepar3d V5 and test the airbus a320 or a321. With a little luck you will no longer have the message about running out of memory. If this works and you then decide to run Truesky within Prepar3d and you run out of memory then you need to disable Truesky . Once disabled Prepar3d V5 should work with the airbuses in V5. Hopefully when memory and performance issues are resolved with P3D V5 then we can use Trueglass and Truesky options again.
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