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  1. Guys, I haven't flown the CRJ in a while and decided to break it out for a short flight. When I went to enter the ICAO in the FMS, P3D hung and crashed. I read in the forums that this was most likely the latest NAV update from Navigraph. Since I haven't flown in a while, I decided to delete my CRJ and download the latest version so I could get the Aerosoft updater and get the latest version. Now that I've downloaded and installed latest CRJ, I now have blank screens. When I click on the display, they pop on but don't function ie. the Engines are on, but show 0 indications. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times as an admin, but I have the same issue. Please help. Thanks, Dave
  2. Sorry, I jumped the gun. I guess registering with the Launcher would have helped. Thanks for the scenery...looks great.
  3. All, Just installed Anchorage for FSX. It looks great, but the runway lights are missing. The taxiway and ramp lights exist, but the runways are dark. Any ideas? I do have a smaller halo.bmp installed since I'm running TH2G with three monitors. Thanks, Dave
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