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  1. Yea that's the solution, Txs Daniel! Dimitris
  2. Hey guys Txs for the replies Yes I mean what Alex mentioned . So lets take the case that you have 2 planes holding short of runway, the second doesn't stay behind the first to create the normal queue but goes throught the first plane and merge until of course the first gets the clearance and then they seperate again. I mentioned it here cause I fly many different airports with long queues i.e eham and don't face this issue. Not very important but LGIR is such a realistic project and this thing is a bit annoying ( mainly during spotting ) ) Dimitris
  3. Hi Have an issue with the AI aircraft seperation as they overlap while taxiing. Do u have any idea how this could be solved? Think I 've seen it once in the past and if I remember well has sth to do with the AFX file (wingspan??) . Not sure if anybody else has the same issue. Use UT2 and have no problems on any of the other third party airports I use. Txs Dimitris
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