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  1. Sir, thank you for swift reply Copenhagen by Flytampa as well ? as that was the one I was trying to buy from the marketplace already bought Trondheim from you as I am a scandinavian simmer
  2. ...as it does not work for me and others, giving the "purchase pending" and then "purchase failed" message Please
  3. Hi Thanks for your help, it seems to work now Suggest you make that afcad a "stickie" Best Regards Erik F
  4. Sir I just bought Mega Airport Frankfurt (download) During my first flight in Feelthere 737 PIC I see no ILS frequencies in the "map" window of FS9. Using 110.10 (taken from your documentation) did not work (I was assigned 07L) I have MyTraffic (which I checked a box for during installation) What is wrong ? Screenshots below Best Regards Erik F
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