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  1. Hi, the weather source in MCDU3 is selected as "Sim Default" but I always use the sim with Active Sky P3D v4 (linked for vatsim weather) and so sim weather always matches Active Sky/VATSIM weather.
  2. Hi, For some reason on my latest flight the FMC stopped working after starting my descent. I used the ATSU to request destination weather from the Captain's side MCDU. After displaying the weather the MCDUs stopped working. I could not hit any buttons (I could, but it was completely unresponsive and stuck on the weather page). The FO side MCDU stopped working as well. In addition to this, the aircraft remained in NAV mode but stopped following the NAV path. The third supplementary MCDU still remained functional. I am using experimental and P3D v4.5 HF2. Update: landed and resetting the panel state has no effect on the frozen MCDUs.
  3. Hi, Just as a little follow up to this old post, has this issue been fixed/still in the works for a fix? I'm asking this as I remember something related to this in the recent patch notes. Don't remember specifically which one it was as the last notes posted on these forums were for, but I'm currently running and am still experiencing the same issue. Load via GSX, set recommended T/O trim as per generated loadsheet after neutralizing MACTOW, yet the aircraft still feels very ponderous in rotation and on initial climbout violently pitches up as (I believe) the aircraft transitions from ground to normal law and the autotrim drives the trim nose up aggressively. Is there a status update to the resolution of this issue?
  4. Hello, Been flying out the A330 recently and have noticed that it has default contrails in P3D v4.5. I have PrecipitFX by Parallel 42 installed and it usually works on every aircraft by default, but I can't seem to see its contrail effects with the A330. If anyone here knows, it'd be great if you could point me to right direction as to how I can edit the aircraft.cfg to utilize PFX's effects! Thank You!
  5. Alright, thanks for letting me know! Guess we'll have to wait for a response from AS on this.
  6. Update: I think this might be something to do with GSX loading as the I've noticed the GWCG in red while in flight. I always load the aircraft through GSX and so this might be a conflict between the aircraft's load distribution recognition and GSX's loading. I'll try again with instant loading and GSX off and see how it goes.
  7. Is this a bug then? Why would the aircraft recommend UP2.3 based on my MACTOW in that case? Thanks
  8. Update: After updating to I've realized that this issue not only takes place with heavy loads, but with light loads as well. Flying with a TOW of 183.7 MT, suggested Vr of 135 flexing to 54 with Flaps 1 and UP2.3 THS, the airplane refuses to rotate until 160-170. One more thing I forgot to add is the aircraft's tendency to violently pitch up on the initial climbout without any control input. It seems that the T/O trim has a delayed effect and only kicks in after rotation. This is just speculation but something is off as I didn't encounter this violent pitch up motion before updating to .0.0.7 (previously using Any input would be appreciated!
  9. Following up on this topic I've had a similar experience. Running of the Bus. Here are some basic figures from the flight: EDDF - KAUS ZFW: 157.0 TOW: 231.0 Fuel Loaded: 75.0 (All figures in Tonnes) Aircraft Calculated VSpeeds: V1: 155, Vr: 155, V2: 160. Flaps/THS: 1/UP1.6 based on a ZFWCG of 33.8. Since there is no dedicated takeoff performance/ATSU Perf Req function for the 330 yet, I went with a TO Flap of 1. In hindsight, I could've probably gone for 2 seeing as how the aircraft was very much near MTOW. What I didn't expect, however, was the aircraft taking nearly the entirety of Frankfurt's 13000 foot runway, well beyond the VSpeeds that the MCDU itself calculated, to even begin to rotate - even with full up elevator. I crosschecked before taxi that my T/O trim was set at the right position, along with all the figures taken directly from the Loadsheet based off of the Simbrief FPL. Actual rotation was around 180-190 knots, even beyond S speed. I haven't had any issues with rotation timings at light loads. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or something off with the airplane's automatic VSpeed calculation? Would love to hear if anyone else has had similar experiences or if anyone could try and replicate this with the figures above. Hope this is addressed soon. Thank You!
  10. My first flight in the A319 (EDDM-EDDL), sadly I wasn't running REX because I had tried a flight earlier and the bad weather had completely messed up my approach lol. (Also, the views you'll see are the default views because EZCA simply destroyed all my views and I had to delete my A319 profile altogether, anyone got a solution to this? I will make another post, just putting this out there) Hope you like the pictures!
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