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  1. Hi, Using the latest version of the A330 w/ GSX loading and this issue still seems to be persisting. What's confusing is that, unlike in the previous versions, GSX seems to load the correct GWCG. I trim the airplane as suggested by the load manager after clicking the "reset" button, and the GWCG figure provided on the load manager matches up with the GWCG displayed on the lower ECAM after loading. Today, I took off from KORD RW22L on a short hop over to KCLT. Initially planning for a RW28R departure, the FMS suggested VSpds were 133 - 139 - 141/Flex 54/UP1.2 with a TOCG of 32.5, b
  2. Hey! I don't believe you specifically need a GSX profile for the A330 since it's really well integrated with GSX out of the box. If you're having trouble with GSX not being synced to the airplane, I recommend you run the latest FSDT live update or check if your A330's fully up to date as well.
  3. Hey Guys, I've recently gotten back into flying the A330 and have really been enjoying it. One simple thing that's been on my mind is that the internal sounds during cruise are just slightly off to a true cruise sound environment. As the airplane starts accelerating to a higher IAS after 10000ft, the rumble of the engines starts gradually drowning out as the wind sounds pick up. By the time cruising altitude has been reached, the engines' sound is almost a 100% inaudible - however, in the AS330, you can constantly hear the whine of the engines at cruise power, even if wind sounds
  4. Hello! I'm currently flying out the A330 after quite a long time and noticed that the master warning sound is bugged. Whenever I hit the buttons for the engine or APU fire tests (which should trigger the master warning chime), I only hear a single beep rather than a continuous chime as it was before. I'm attaching a video demonstrating the issue. I'm currently on A330 v1.0.2.1, which is the latest version according to the updater. Some more details: Sim: P3D v4.5 HF3 (Windows 10) Other addons: ASP4, REX SF3D, STKP, Addon airports Default/Startup state: T
  5. Absolutely! Have a few flights planned and will try to fly them with variable CI in order to try and replicate this issue. Will post here if I face it again.
  6. Hi Secondator, Thanks for your reply! Luckily I still had the route saved and am attaching it below. Since it was almost a month ago now, there's not many other details I still have of this flight. Hope this is enough for you to work with! I'd also like to add that I've flown a few more flights with the 330 after this and haven't been able to replicate the issue. Since it only happened when I changed the CI in flight, it may be linked to that action specifically. KJFKLSZH01.flp
  7. Hello, I departed for a long haul flight in the A330 just now and noticed something quite unusual - I'd planned for a CI30 climb (M 0.82) and a CI130 Cruise (M 0.83). Climbing through FL280 I manually edited the CI to 130 and the airplane transitioned to the higher climb IAS of 320, but through the transition to Mach the mach target on the PFD speedtape displayed an unusually low IAS target of 90-100 IAS - which is unusual. However the airplane still held 0.83 Mach through the transition and higher, and the same was indicated on the PERF CLB page. I'm attaching a screenshot below s
  8. Hello, I'd just like to check in on the status of whether this feature will be implemented in the next update. I am currently on and don't notice any difference between the airplane's behavior in the previous versions and this one - as of now I do not feel any difference whatsoever between normal law and flare mode - which makes touching down in the A330 a bit of a task since we're inclined to put in back pressure on the stick at about 30-40 feet but the airplane tends to float down the runway if back pressure is put in. In my past couple of landings the airplane has just a
  9. Hi, the weather source in MCDU3 is selected as "Sim Default" but I always use the sim with Active Sky P3D v4 (linked for vatsim weather) and so sim weather always matches Active Sky/VATSIM weather.
  10. Hi, For some reason on my latest flight the FMC stopped working after starting my descent. I used the ATSU to request destination weather from the Captain's side MCDU. After displaying the weather the MCDUs stopped working. I could not hit any buttons (I could, but it was completely unresponsive and stuck on the weather page). The FO side MCDU stopped working as well. In addition to this, the aircraft remained in NAV mode but stopped following the NAV path. The third supplementary MCDU still remained functional. I am using experimental and P3D v4.5 HF2. Updat
  11. Hi, Just as a little follow up to this old post, has this issue been fixed/still in the works for a fix? I'm asking this as I remember something related to this in the recent patch notes. Don't remember specifically which one it was as the last notes posted on these forums were for, but I'm currently running and am still experiencing the same issue. Load via GSX, set recommended T/O trim as per generated loadsheet after neutralizing MACTOW, yet the aircraft still feels very ponderous in rotation and on initial climbout violently pitches up as (I believe) the aircra
  12. Hello, Been flying out the A330 recently and have noticed that it has default contrails in P3D v4.5. I have PrecipitFX by Parallel 42 installed and it usually works on every aircraft by default, but I can't seem to see its contrail effects with the A330. If anyone here knows, it'd be great if you could point me to right direction as to how I can edit the aircraft.cfg to utilize PFX's effects! Thank You!
  13. Alright, thanks for letting me know! Guess we'll have to wait for a response from AS on this.
  14. Update: I think this might be something to do with GSX loading as the I've noticed the GWCG in red while in flight. I always load the aircraft through GSX and so this might be a conflict between the aircraft's load distribution recognition and GSX's loading. I'll try again with instant loading and GSX off and see how it goes.
  15. Is this a bug then? Why would the aircraft recommend UP2.3 based on my MACTOW in that case? Thanks
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