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  1. It happens also to me starting from this night. Using the plane in FSX today, it started regularly. After an FSX restart the main menu doesn't appear anymore. Instead appears the text line "Simconnect link active". Restarting FSX, rebooting PC didn't helped. What can be the cause?
  2. I made some further tests in the week-end. Renamed the data file, started Prepar3d and made a brief flight, then closed and examined both the old and new file. Cannot find abnormal differences; in the regenerated data file the plane is obviously newer, all components near 100%, something cleaner something not. The only unusual value I find in the old file is one of the cleaning values with minus sign (don't remember exactly, it seems to me the mud under the wings set at -125.something). I renamed the new file and restored the old one, started fsx , made a brief flight, close, and checked again the file. It was updated, so the file is common to both simulators (I guessed wrong in previous post). I made some others flights using prepar3d, after cleaning and servicing the plane, and CHT temperature remained in the correct limits. So, maybe some corruption was recovered draining and adding manually the oil, or maybe some well simulated fault happened and remained to the previous engine until I substituted it, anyway at the moment the plane is again in good shape and is working and flying well. Just to be sure, hope for Prepar3d support in next 1.4 release.
  3. I'm using SAE40 Very interesting hint I'll try this night. Meantime i tried yesterday using fsx and wasn't able to recreate the problem (I guess also because the data file saved is different). I retried with Prepar3D, drained manually some oil, just to make level lower and refilled with half bottle to bring again the level to 3/4 of the measure stick. I made two further flights for about 1,5 total hours and all went ok for now. Maybe drain and refill manually oil set something in the correct way.
  4. Yes, it may be a problem, but until now the plane worked perfectly so I'm trying to understand if I'm wrong in some way or if there is something other. I can perform further tests using FSX, but meantime I would ask again: To check oil I open the cover, open the plug, check oil level, move propeller until hearing the gurgle sound, measure again oil level, close plug and cover. Is it the correct and complete procedure? Beside oil, are there other failures I would check, causing CHT temperature over limit?
  5. Hello all, thanks for replies, try to add some informations. I opened a support ticked but I was replayed to post here. Inlet baffle is not installed, but it shouldn't be the problem as I had the CHT temperature over the limit still on the ground after 5 minutes from startup. The OAT gauge indicated 12 or 15 (don't remember exactly) on the ground and something like 7 in flight. Yes, we are in June but it was a cloudy day in Switzerland. I retard the throttle after takeoff, as soon as reached safety altitute, just after retract the flaps, as is normal in all planes with variable pitch propeller. I checked the version installed and it's the 1.3a. Another important information can be I'm trying to use this plane into Prepar3D. In some way i solved temporarily the question substituting the engine, and all went ok for some other flights but... ... in one case I loaded a saved situation (on the ground, cold and dark) and after the preflight check (all ok) I had again the high CHT. Reloading the same saved situation and trying again didn't reproduce the problem. So I suspect one of theese two things: A) I make something wrong in the oil management during preflight. I belive the oil is ok, but it doesn't and the CHT raise in few minutes. Something is wrong in the oil quantity recording/displaying. I see correct level during preflight but oil level is different from what is displayed. Is my check-oil-level procedure described above correct? Any other reason for this behaviour?
  6. Hello, I'm happily using Diamond Katana by long time. It worked pretty well until now but in last three-four flights I registered everytime a very high CHT temperature. In the last flight, engine stopped on the ground during taxi (after a complete and successful preflight check). I opened workshop and service windows, made ispections and repaired all what was red. Repaired engine, changed oil, performed a new walkaround check and all appeared ok. 10 minutes after takeoff the cht temperature was again over the red line and the engine stopped in flight. What can be the reasons for cht high temperature? In the pre flight oil checking, I open oil, move propeller until hearing the gurgle sound, measure oil level, and close; is it the correct and complete procedure? I read some posts about some difficults in read correct oil level or "change oil" function not always working, can it be related? Beside oil, can someother thing cause the problem, am I wrong in some preflight procedure, o can be a bug? Ok, it can be easily solved resetting the plane history, but if I can understand the problem and "repair" correctly the plane it would be more realistic and satisfactory... :-) Thanks for any support.
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