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  1. First two are very good but i thought i would have a go Iris vulcan and REX
  2. Hi all, Some stunning sunsets so far so heres my crack at it. 2008_11_12_18_47_16_589.BMP
  3. Ive got it sorted now sorry to waste your time. i think it was something to do with the supercub file not being in the aerosoft file in my FS9 folder for some reason not to sure tho, but it works fine. thanks for all your help and producing such a lovely little supercub. regards,
  4. aha found out that it will work if i take out the gauges file, so i guess it can't be an installation problem. I also get a message when i start up FS "flight sim was unable to load some aircraft or software. you can continue using flight sim but this aircraft or software will be disabled file" is that any use??? regards,
  5. Hi all, Recently got my friend to get and install the aerosoft piper supercub for me. It seems to be installed correctly and can select it in the aircraft menu, however when you load it up in a flight it locks the whole computer up and I have to reboot. I've got him to reinstall it and have a look but no joy. could this be something to do with installation??? Help would be appreciated. Cheers.
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