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  1. Just updated to account for recent changes made to A318/A319/A320/A321 Professional series.
  2. Attention all captains. Multi Crew Experience, voice based crew simulation which already supports most Aerosoft planes has now been updated to support A330. This is a fully interactive crew simulation. Very intuitive, because you run the show. We provide a well trained co-pilot whom you can use as you please. Ask him/her to assist you with what you want, when you want, and even using your own speech, should you want to ignore the tens of thousands of built-in commands. Also provides voice interface for Native Prepar3D ATC, Radar Conta
  3. Try using alternative words in CL Not possible to have multiple replies on same line One way around it... [ ] whatever_needs_to_be_checked -- checked left (this will cater for your reply) [ ] whatever_same thing_needs_to_be_checked -- checked right //2 (with the //2 it's Fo reply only The other way is to create a custom command. Go to <Command> tab and click <Voxscript> button. In "Voxscript overview" panel, click <new> and type "checked left" The new command will be listed. Select it and click <
  4. Sorry to hijack this thread Mathijs. Since I couldn't PM you, just wanted to make sure you got my recent e-mail from support[at]multicrewxp.com Thanks Gerald Reilly
  5. You're welcome Indeed, should be able to use own airline real world checklist as well as decide how task sharing is done between Fo and you, according to your airline SOPs. The idea is that Fo should be able to read switch or dial state and set it to desired position for as many items as possible. You can then create specific tasks for him/her to execute using custom speech as trigger sentence. We ship pre-made flows for CRJ, mostly to give you an idea about the sort of speech commands you need to control specific items. Feel free to
  6. Captains. Just to update everyone, Multi Crew Experience voice based crew simulation that already supports Aerosoft CRJ 77 & 900, has just been updated to recognize the new -1000 and -550 variants so you can continue to have your co-pilot and other crew on-board. Everyone can have a go at the Demo available from this link. For those not familiar with MCE... What will the Demo do to your flight sim setup? - No files are modified inside FSX or P3D installation folders. Not even "aircraft.cfg" or "panel.cfg" For better st
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