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  1. Multi Crew Experience for X-Plane 11 & 10 now adds support for a popular aircraft, Flight Factor A320 in latest release. It provides a very flexible virtual first officer, making it possible to operate the aircraft in a "shared cockpit environment", without the need to beg someone to share a session with you.. It already supports 20 other complex aircraft, including FF 767, FF 757, FF 777 & FF A350 A fully working Demo is available from this link
  2. It's now released! Download your Demo from this link Be aware, you don't have to operate the aircraft as shown in videos. The co-pilot is there to be used as little or as much as you want. It's not a "scripted adventure" where you are expected to fit in and only say something and at the right time. That wouldn't be fun Could operate the aircraft as you usually do flying solo and just ask co-pilot to read the odd checklist here and there, or ask him to dial something when your hands are full. As professional or amateurish as you want it to be. A truly interactive crew simulation. It's also a fun way to improve your English language skils. You get to practice without a classroom full of people ready to laugh at your accent Here is one more video, with FO William from Australia, this time Enjoy your Demo.
  3. Yes, they will work fine together. But MCE doesn't provide integration with ProATCX the way it does with PF3 or Radar Contact ATC. It's possible to setup a few speech commands that would triiger keys so you can get some sort of voice control with that ATC program. Now, here is something you thought would never be possible. Thanks to the Voxscript feature, whose main purpose is to tell FO what to do and in which order, you can also use it as a translator to teach crew members to understand a bit of "Russian, German, Italian or any language) on the planet. Putting the final touches. Should be ready sometime next month as a free update to all existing MCE registered users.
  4. For those who have quality TTS voices, you could if you wish ignore the 10 provided FO recorded human voice packs and use one of those for extreme flexibility. They can even remind you the go-around procedure to follow, say at critical airports where there is little margin for error when you are under IMC conditions..
  5. A couple of videos have surfaced from a Beta tester.
  6. Happy to report it's now in Beta. Registered MCE users, you may request files from support that will get you flying this aircraft with a crew straight away.
  7. Package now updated to V2.7.30. It features... - Faster flows execution. - Much improved integration with PF3 ATC. See this thread: - Added a few more ramp agents voice packs. Same download link as before.
  8. Yes, definitely coming. And it will be with high integration, giving FO access to almost any 3D switch that matters. And it's fully interactive. Ask for the assistance you want, and when you want it It's fully interactive. Not a scripted adventure, with robotic speech recognition, where you're expected to fit in and wonder what you're allowed to say or do next. Fly like the professionals and go through exact SOPs and rehearse your own company checklist, or just use the FO as a buddy, asking him to dial something, flip a switch when your hands are full. For hose who don't know, MCE is a 11+ years full time work effort put into a single Ultimate Edition package supporting no less than 40 complex aircraft (almost all major heavy hitters are supported), 3 ATC systems, with AES and GSX integration as a bonus. MCE Demo available Here. Support for CRJ will be added as a free update later on. ETA: sometime in October. Gerald R
  9. Introducing "Robert", the new human recorded co-pilot voice. Make sure you download the free voice pack that will work with your MCE for Aerosoft installation. Download Co-pilot Robert here .
  10. The Aerosoft dedicated MCE voice control package has just been updated to V2.7.07 Same download link (look for "Click Me" link here: Latest version features the following. Faster flows execution Better ATC Push to Talk functionality Brings it up to date with latest GSX refueling feature. Enjoy!
  11. Just like in real life, some people get on very well with some and not with others. This is why it's sensible to provide many voices so people can fly with the one they feel comfortable with. I for one like the "William" testosterone filled voice. But that's just personal. David didn't waste time putting Stuart to work. [media]
  12. A new voice pack, Stuart (English UK) has just been made available, That makes him the 9 th MCE co-pilot. Download Co-pilot Stuart
  13. You're welcome. Just to mention a few things... If you are a real world pilot, this software will allow help you rehearse checklist and normal procedures of ANY real world or virtual airline. Perhaps you are a casual user, this would provide another pair of hands, with co-pilot assisting on "as needed" basis. You can do your things as usual and when your hands are tied ask him/her to dial something or set a particular switch to a specific position. You can practice ATC phraseology if you wish. This is an important part of flying an airliner. And if you thought you have to be fluent in English, you'd be wrong. Besides offering you an opportunity to improve your English skills while having fun with the sim (beats attending boring English lessons), it is even possible to "teach" the virtual co-pilot to understand "your speech", which can be any language on the planet. Not kidding [media] [/media]
  14. We are pleased to report that the Multi Crew Experience, voice based crew simulation package Aerosoft licensed from us for use with their A320/A321 has just been updated to version V2.6.66 Change log - Fully tested under Windows 10 - Fully tested under Prepar3D up to V3.2 - Fully supports latest PF3 ATC (for which there is a Demo) - Up to date with AES and GSX latest changes. In addition, it is now possible to include aliased commands as part of an existing flow. To download your copy, either login to your Aerosoft account, or press the >>Click Me<< link (Post #13) on this forum topic http://forum.aerosof...#comment-582922 This package doesn't require activation. It is on a par with Multi Crew Ultimate Edition in terms of functionality and depth. The only difference, Ultimate Edition fully supports 36 complex aircraft, in addition to Aerosoft buses. Unlike previous package, this one is lightweight (mind you it's still about 800 MB) and comes only with 3 pre-recorded voice packs. You can download other voice packs here: http://www.multicrew.../Downloads.html Regards, Gerald R
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