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  1. hello why there is no correspondence between the view selected on the flight deck views and the main screen. thank you so much
  2. oh that's ok. in fact I forgot one thing to validate in Aerosoft A330Configurator Navigraph in the EFB settings tab. I’m sorry, but now it’s good and everything is ok. you must avoid being impatient. Best regards
  3. Yes I have a valid licence navigraph.
  4. hello, I have the A330 pro Aerosoft, and despite reading in the forum about EFB and Navigraph, I'm sorry, but I still haven't figured out how to get Navigraph on EFB. Am I penalized by my 70s, when I have been doing flight simulator for 30 years? it should be simple, no! Thank you, a detailed and clear explanation on this subject. Thanks
  5. Hello, I reinstalled th A330 and I got this message, so I again uninstalles everything, check if I had no residuals files, and cleaned the PC. When I reinstalle, the same message on P3DV4 again. Why and where is my mistake Best regards.
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