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  1. I have the same issue. I was just getting ready to post when I read your post. I believe we may have lost the chronometer function. The timer function no longer counts up in seconds as a “timer”. Thanks!
  2. I'm having same issue in P3D v4.2. Version and hotfix installed.
  3. Just so you guys aren't pulling your hair out. I don't remember ever seeing that option in the CRJ Manager. Possibly, it was from an old beta version? In any case, I also don't have the check box for weather radar preference in the dl version, but am guessing it was maybe taken out of release version?
  4. Friendly bump. I apologize, as this should of been posted under the Manual Flight, Autoflight, and Flight Management section of the forum.
  5. Thanks for the responses. The Blue VOR double line bearing pointer on the PFD and MFD should indicate identically, the bearing to the VOR tuned into the Nav 2 radio. You are Correct about the positions. Also it gets even more confusing as there is “Off-side” data and “Cross-side “ data available, which doesn’t really apply here. But in this case, it is a simple matter of the VOR 2 bearing pointers reading differently, and this should not be the case. Although it’s been five years, and I would never claim to be an expert...I am typed in the CRJ, but have been wrong many times!
  6. CRJ froze up upon selection of KPSP RNAV 13R Z in the FMS, then CTD. I'm wondering if it's a problem with the approach itself like the reported CTD in LOWI earler? I tried the flight twice with the same results. Flight KSAN - KPSP P3d v4 Scenery: Orbx KSAN and Orbx KPSP with FTX SCA CRJ v1011 Flight Plan: POGGI5 V208 TRM KPSP/13R Thanks,
  7. Hi guys, I ran into an issue today, which was repeatable. I was flying into KJAC today and wanted to bring up the JAC VOR Bearing Pointer on the PFD for the missed approach. I tuned in JAC (115.4) on Nav 2 and pushed the Captain's bearing pointer until I had the VOR2 Blue Bearing Pointer showing. On the MFD the Bearing Pointer correctly indicated the bearing to the station. On the PFD howerver, the pointer was just parked 90 degrees off to the right of the nose. Just to make sure, I tuned in the DNW VOR (117.2) into Nav 2 and had the same result with the MFD Bearing Pointer indicating correctly and the PFD pointer not receiving a signal. Both of the VOR's are on the ILS Y RWY 19 approach plate at KJAC, and both station id's were identified. The VOR 1 Bearing pointers seem to be okay on both the MFD and PFD. I wonder if someone could verify this. Thanks! P3D v4 version
  8. I'm not with Aerosoft/Digital Aviation, but you are in the right place for support. Hang in there, I'm sure someone will help you!
  9. To which RJ are they referring? Not one of the CRJ's of the US carrier I used to fly for (200's through 900's) every had VNAV other than the advisory VNAV. Not saying it doesn't/shouldn't exist, but out of the almost 200 airframes the carrier operated at one time. All of them were shipped without VNAV capability.
  10. Click spot and Shift Q work in 700 and 900 for me Hans. I even tried loading straight from scenario screen (by-passing default) just to see, and yoke hide still worked. edit: this is with version in P3D v4
  11. Yes..the EGPWS has the two blue indicators. The radar actually has one blue indicator that moves back and forth along the top full length or shortened scan if in Sector Mode. It would be a nice touch to add it.
  12. *Possible Workaround* until it's checked. I too on occasion have had this issue. This restored "Dave's" functionality for me, and I hope it helps for some of you guys. After chocks and ground power buttons stop working: * Go to Options page on Dave * Select the Enable button under Help Messages * Select the Disable button under Help Messages * Press Home button and then press Ground Services / Maintenance button * Now check to see if chocks and ground power buttons work again. (Hopefully functionality is restored for you) This has worked for me...good luck!
  13. You should not have to switch off the Yaw Damper during normal ops. You should have rudder control even with the yaw damper engaged. Something is amiss.
  14. Question: Just out of curiosity, can the checklist in "Dave" be edited by the user to match a different airline's Ops Spec? Thanks, looking forward to the new build!
  15. Thanks for that correction Propane. It definitely has been awhile. I hope all your starts are good ones!
  16. Hi dkinder5063 -- Actually, it looks like the Ground Air connection in the CRJ is simulating a high-pressure air cart (based on the size of the hose and connection location). This is consistent with what is being shown on the ECS page (31 psi...irl this is more like 40 psi, which is required for an air-start). The high pressure ground air cart is normally used for engine starts when the APU is deferred (as you know from working with your experience on the ramp), but the high pressure cart can also be used to run the ac packs when the APU is deferred, as opposed to the low pressure (big diameter hose) air, which does nothing more than blow air (hot or cold) into the ducting system to cool or heat the cabin. I verified this in the sim by hooking up the ground air and started an engine. Something which would not have been possible on a low pressure connection. Maybe to avoid confusion, AS could rename the ground air button to hi pressure air-cart. In any case, it looks like everything is correct with regards to the animation based on the cockpit indications.
  17. Are you using the latest version ( I had the same issue on my 34" UW before I updated to the latest version.
  18. Thank you Hans! Now if you could just fix my short term memory. Now if you could just fix my short term memory.
  19. Yes sir, I was well within the starting altitude limits. I was below 10,000 MSL. It's been awhile since I had to memorize these, but I believe in the 700 you can start the APU below FL 370, and can use the APU generator up to FL410. Thanks Mathijs.
  20. Hello AS, I'm really enjoying the CRJ, thanks again for all of the hard work. Question: When I want to start the APU in flight, I push the Xflow/APU Pump. The Icons are coming up on ED2, but the apu intake door will not open, hence when I try and push start, it will not start. Any help is appreciated! P3Dv4 1005c in flight below 10,000 and airspeed below 250 kias.
  21. I know Dave....just a poor attempt at humor on my part. Thanks!
  22. Please, When the FO coughs/sneezes...he's already talking to much. And I know it's the FO coughing, because a Captain would of already called in sick, and not reported for duty!
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