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  1. Understood. Just with 180 people though, at 6000lbs of cargo, that 33lbs on average per passenger. I know it all depends but Im just surprised the aircraft acts like that (even if the rw is the same way) with such low performance at that altitude. Thanks
  2. In regards to the trim, I do not have that on here. are you asking about the TO Perf trim? or climb trim. T/O I always do Flaps 2/0.8UP or 1.0UP....The aircraft type and engine is in the subject line... and in the initial post, 4th line down... Do actual airlines not fly practically full, Im sure not all the time but Im pretty sure they do not climb at 300-500 fpm after FL250ish. 27,000lbs of fuel, 15,000lbs of cargo, with 180 seems like a pretty reasonable amount of load. Changing the CI during flight was to demostrate any changes between the two different settings. Before I get policed on this topic about "Should've loaded a new flight from start up to cruise" with a fixed CI setting. I agree.
  3. Here is the new support topic as requested... Below you will see the pictures of the flight (my recorder is not working properly for some reason) The load was in one of the pictures as well (180pax/15,000lbs cargo/27,000lbs fuel) Route KDEN to KLGA / Denver to LaGuardia A320 IAE UAL303 YOKES7 CHICI HAAND ONL Q122 FOD BAE CRL CXR ETG MIP4 Dep rwy 34L* Cost index initially 85 / Switched to 25 CI midway through the climb. Please start from bottom picture, work your way up
  4. Yes Same here sometimes but I manage I will take a video on next flight
  5. On the A320 IAE, and most of the other Airbus Aircraft (Except the A330; I have not flown that one as much yet). When I set the "VNAV" So to speak, it is a very slow (Low Vertical Speed) climb to FL300+. CI is 20-50 on Average, Weight 180 pax, 15-20k lbs of cargo, 15-25k lbs of fuel I use usually. Climb to cruise always takes about 30-40min ish depending if the aircraft is heavy or not and roughly 200-250nm... Thank you for any help
  6. I tried a reinstall as well, re-downloaded the product from the site...
  7. I believe so. I did not have this issue before.
  8. Been trying to look into this issue, maybe it is just apart of the real aircraft but my Throttle Settings on the A320 are a bit different than the A321. Yes two different aircraft but this seems to be something generic that these two models should have, A319/A318 is the same as the A320. Please see the picture below of the A320 EPR. The A321 gives me the full capability of the engines without Thrust Bump. The A320 is always in a fixed thrust position, This setting gives me longer takeoff roll, slower climb...etc. I have tried messing with CI, with the Flex Temp.
  9. ok thx, i was hoping not to use the paint kit, i just never liked it but i guess ill give it a shot... Zach
  10. Hey, I was wondering which file is the landing gear texture file for the Airbus X. I would like to change the texture on the main gear to black rims which is on the real United airlines A320 and 19s... Thank you Zach
  11. Can you please send me a link as to I cannot find the post in the Preview Forum. Thank you
  12. Hello, I would like to know if there will be wing flex on the New Airbus V2 that is coming out. and also if the outside model with the flaps will be a little bit more realistic look because when Flaps are set at 3 almost looks like 2 and when set at 4 they go down like another foot ( sorry im not using the Metric System). and I know when you set more increments of the flaps the plane goes up but when I set 4 it goes like another 300feet and 150 on final approach. Thank you Zach
  13. Hello, I have been dealing with this problem ever since i have bought this product and i cant seem to figure out the reason. I'm not sure if its just a bug until the NEW MCDU (YEAAAAAA!!!!) comes out or if this is a simple fix. Although whenever i finish a flight and want to start another one, I am trying to setup the MCDU and in the "INIT PAGE" i punch in my arrival and departure airport (ex: KPHX/KORD) and before i click to make it active for my route, i see my last waypoint and my arrival airport from my last flight (ex: WILLT/KORD) and after every flight its always my last waypoint that I flew over and i cant get rid of it when i want to start a new flight and when i go to put in (ex: KORD/KPHX) it will do WILLT/KPHX and in the F-PLN page it will have (in order from top to bottom) WILLT KORD KPHX and i can not get rid of the WILLT. Please, please please help me out with this! Thank you so much, Zach P.S. Can not wait until new MCDU comes out its going to be amazing! Actually until the Release date is published lol
  14. Hello, I was looking all over for this topic in this forum but I couldn't find one. I have been trying to figure out on how or where to get a Airac for this airbus.....I have been using google just to find this but I found NOTHING, if this topic is on the forums somewhere plz send me a link but I couldn't find it. Thank you
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