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  1. Thankyou John. You saved me. Yesterday I download your driver and today a tried my new stuff. I enjoied so much. Just another info. I see only two profile inside (LEVEL D and IFLY that I have) but that mean that does't work with other similar like WILCO PIC 737??? And more, do I puchase the license for FSUICP??? Actually I have only the free version. Gianni
  2. Last xmas I purchased from Aerosoft catalog the GF-EFIS AND GF-MCP -PRO and finally yesterday morning I received the package. But unfortunally starting just from yesterday the GF website is closed. Unfortunally the product's comes without driver's because normally all software are downloadble from their website.I'm very very unlucky!!! Someone has this product and have backup of divers and all required program for make work-it?? Thanks for coop. Gianni
  3. All right, now everythings works good. Thankyou so much. Gianni
  4. Hi Folks, today I purchased this two items and after installing I immediatly tried the aircraft, but unfortunaly for both when I push for FMC I obtain an error message like this: Run time error 429 ActiveX component can't create object. Then remain a black area when close the error's window. I've windows 7, FS9 and I installed with Administrator Right. Any suggestion???
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