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  1. Thanks again Shaun, just to reaffirm when you say not to "set" any flex, do you mean ignore the flex section of the throttle quadrant or to not set it within the MCDU? Many thanks
  2. honestly................no in a word lol will try that, its not a problem to be honest as its not hindering any of the flight but appreciate the help Shaun!
  3. Hi all any help or advice here is appreciated. Am finding sometimes that when setting takeoff thrust even with the throttle at full extend the power it gives me is insufficient to get me past V1 before runway ends.....fairly drastic when im not running off road style tyres. But jokes aside the only way once its became apparent that im not achieving a high enough N1 if I hit the F4 key it gives me full power and i can normally recover the takeoff....before anyone says I do realise that a throttle lever is a pre-requisite for Airbus X and I AM using one. Like I say any help would be massively appreciated. PS Calibrated joystick to make sure throttle is actually giving me full open and on the ECAM is suggesting power setting TOGA (past FLEX). Please help am so used to Boeings now as this is the first Airbus ive felt worth purchasing Im quite possibly doing something wrong.
  4. Yep sure does which is where I got confused......the problem is the amber lo temp eng bleed warning....what is this and how to resolve if possible? Thanks in advance
  5. I followed the link not sure it explains the problem...is it a bug or are we doing something wrong?
  6. ok ill try, have heard they re-gen once deleted....where can i find these files within FSX as I want to make sure im deleting right files!!
  7. After installing Gibraltar X I get this message appear when I change view mode (ie from virtual cockpit to tower view) scenery.dat file error restart fsx etc etc....the file in question is aeslite-lxgb-snd any ideas?
  8. I am now getting a similar message with the file in question being aeslite-lxgb-snd after installing gibraltar X but ive not tried to delete it im still hapily using it?? any ideas please
  9. Not to worry, just loaded up FSX and VIMA core application which did appear to be previously installed. After a computer restart FSX has now asked for my permission to run which i accepted and now have traffic. What a palava sorted thanks for the replies!
  10. SP2 was installed as a no brainer, have you tried using FSX without SP2??!! and the "special" section in the manual is one paragraph that doesnt explain about setting it up it mentions the technology behind how it works the NAV2 frequency for opening/closing the gates and to turn "ramp traffic off" and although there is no section in FSX to turn "ramp" traffic off I can only presume that from previously working at an Airport that by ramp it means the other aircraft.......in short done with no success?! Any more ideas, perhaps someone who has experienced the same problem would be more helpful. PS Im not new to FSX but I am new to this problem, thanks for your input mopperle...........
  11. Fsx settings as in check road vehicles are switched on...? If so yes and up at max. the system is an pentium i7 950 oc 3.4 ghz with gtx470 grsphics card 6gb heat spreader ram and all water cooled. fsx version is as far as i know standard ie non acceleration pack...might be deluxe but am at work trying to remember haha. also have rex running...?
  12. Just purchased and have noticed I dont have the "intelligent" traffic crossing runway...any ideas would be appreciated thankyou
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