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  1. There are lots of changes, was hoping to see more on control surfaces / inertia / flight model but perhaps those are still being worked in and will be on the way soon. I like the changes listed, good start.
  2. Yes absolutely, or even some kind of visual feedback as well like a msg or colour change on buttons or something to give you the sense it is working.
  3. I have noticed this too when I do the cold and dark at first I get "gear disagree", though the level is indicating down. have to select up / down to get it to stop. Doesn't appear to be any conflicting mappings.
  4. Thank you I set this up and it works very well and it’s great that I can adjust the trim rate as needed.
  5. Hi there, When trimming the aircraft the trim rate seems very rapid. I timed and noted the aerosoft CRJ trims at about 0.9 units per second. I checked out this video (see 15:40) and did some timed calculation that shows the actual crj trim rate is closer to 0.5 units per second. So that's nearly double the rate compared to the actual aircraft. Please consider adjusting this, I think it will help the trimming of the aircraft not feel quite so sudden or strong. Thank you.
  6. Hey relax a bit, there are plenty of aircraft that are simpler or simplified to operate. It’s a good thing to have a range of aircraft available including some that are more complex because some people appreciate that too.
  7. I have also been confused by the eta format...doesn’t seem to make sense. Any ideas?
  8. Approximately 280 lb/hr according to: https://quizlet.com/75088446/crj-700-differences-apu-flash-cards/#:~:text=What is the approximate fuel,is 280 pounds an hour.
  9. Hi there, I only was able to download volume 1...are there other volumes of the manual out yet? If so, can you please direct to them? Did a search but couldn't find anything. Thanks
  10. Okay I have two questions please: 1. is there a way to resize the pop up windows when they are open to so they remain that size when re-opening (right now they open to nearly full vertical size of the screen? 2. is it possible to just have a regular click spot to open / close them vs. the awkward r-alt plus click? Thanks
  11. Yes, I concur and this has been my experience too. Way too much lift generated on last stage of flaps. +1
  12. Okay, so is this slider only affecting the wind sound or will it also reduce other sounds too?
  13. I have also noticed that landing at the prescribed v speeds for approach and landing results in a very long float. Sometimes I am landing 10 kts under vref and still finding fairly substantial float. Not sure if this is related but I find applying the last notch of flaps results in a considerable ballooning of the aircraft. I don't know if this is normal...it seems strange though as though it is generating substantial/excessive lift.
  14. I have noticed that on rotation, even relatively small crosswinds (eg. a crosswind component of 5-7kts) has a substantial lateral effect on the aircraft. It feels like a 35-40knot crosswind, the aircraft is almost immediately blown 50-100 feet to the side of the runway within a hundred feet of altitude gain in the climb. I can compensate to some degree but I notice two things: 1. it takes an inordinate amount of bank to manage back to runway extended centreline (greater than 20 degrees of roll). 2. while the crj is "blown" laterally, there is hardly any effect of nosing into the wind on the yaw axis. When the wind is blowing straight down the runway there is no problem with lateral control but it does seem a very strong reaction of the aircraft compared to what I am used to. This may be more of an msfs issue, I'm not sure but it feels like the aircraft is a c152 in those moments : )
  15. this has been noted by a number of people in the systems & sound forum.
  16. Agree with the postings, this is definitely not a packs sound, it also steps up suddenly volume wise as wind noise as approaching cruise speed. It's loud and sharp as a noise, which is why it has more of an external sound, not slightly muffled as it would be from inside the cockpit. I had no experience of this with the P3D version, there is something going on here.
  17. I've noticed this too, also no "clunk" sound of the nose gear on retraction / extension. Seems like it should be more audible .
  18. I have the identical stutters to the person below whether using chase plane or Ezdok I also use or call vector, active sky and Rex, but have not had stutter with any other aircraft including PMDG and others. Doesn’t change when turning settings up or down. Is also consistent whether lots of clouds or not. No difference turning F.O. Instruments off or efb off. running i8700k, 1070gtx, no overclock. All latest OS updates, led v4.5hf2. Using latest crj build from aerosoft updated as of today. I did not have any stutters or issues with previous (old) crj, it was smooth as silk and high FPS. My FPS in this one vary a lot, ranging from about 30-55. hooe you can find a fix, it really detracts from what is otherwise a beautiful aircraft.
  19. Okay thanks Hans, good luck as you continue refining the crj pro👍
  20. Hi there, Enjoying the CRJ pro, but within a couple of days after release, I was part of a thread where a number of users were indicating similar sounding issues about wide range fps (15-70 in my case) and frequent stutters. I was looking to the thread to see if any further discussion had occurred but now I can't locate the thread. Is it moved to somewhere else or removed by chance? Was wanting to get a sense of what to do and whether this is on Hans' list for investigation. Like others in that thread, it did not make a difference to alter graphics settings or to remove FO displays, issue of stutters remains consistent. Also I tried EFB on/off, HDR on/off but no differences unfortunately. Any help to find the thread or some direction on whether this is being looked at would be appreciated. Thanks
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