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  1. Of course, James, I see no harm at all either. But we must remember that some developers do it and others (most) don't. And we have no choice but to understand and accept it as it is. IMHO it is not rude since they have never and nowhere promised us to give release dates and/or answer all questions. I think it could be rude not to deliver something paid for or to deliver faulty stuff. To be clear: Just like you, I would also love to get a new AES version with new airports supported. But I will wait and use the dozens I already have.
  2. Yes, one little charming problem with Aerosoft is that they are a bit German (Sprache) biased.
  3. A valid point. Actually people asking 'when' do not want to know 'when' (what if they are told 'next year'? does it satisfy them?). They are simply showing their impatience, hoping to influence the developer's efforts and have the product out as fast as possible. That behaviour is as old as hills even though it simple doesn't work in 99% of cases because it will not be released until it is done.
  4. Hi, You may get some better help in the German language forum: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/248-fsx-fs2004-szenerie-support/
  5. Thank you very much, Mathijs. That was really quick. Now the situation looks much better:
  6. Now that is even more strange. I still don't (as for 09:00 CET). I have cleared the cache (I'm on Firefox 11.0) but nothing.
  7. And you do? As mentioned above all I can see is: Unlike in case of EDDT which shows the new version too: So, my theory is the EDDH 2012 installer has not been uploaded yet, or has been but was withdrawn for some reasons. I hope when our German friends will come to the office tomorrow and get some refreshing morning coffee, they will send this great gift to us. Until then I am off for a short flight to Tegel.
  8. Mathijs, As for Berlin Tegel, I can find two versions one of which is actually called AS_GERMAN-AIRPORTS-3-2012-BERLIN-TEGEL-FS2004, so I guess this is the one. But in case of Hamburg, there is only one downloadable file and it is called AS_GERMAN-AIRPORTS3-HAMBURG_2004, which seems to be marked as version 1.02, something I have already had for a long time. I am a bit confused to be honest. Does the above mean that the new version of EDDH has not yet been uploaded to the servers?
  9. 198 on a China Airlines Cargo 747 B-198
  10. 197 on an F-84 FU-197 Thunderstreak
  11. 186 on a Morane-Saulnier A186 from before more than a 100 years:
  12. 184 on a Short 184 build in Britain 100 years ago (here's a model)!
  13. OK, gentlemen, I need to go to bed now. I start seeing some strange things. Fatigue after 176 entries...
  14. Some digits fit boeings, others airbuses, canadairs or tupolevs. And still others embraers. Like this: 175 on an Embraer EMB-175
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