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  1. Have received a message ' This license has been used on 5 different devices etc ' but I am unable to activate pfpx. Could someone please help regards Brian
  2. That solved the problem. Thank you very much for your help. regards Brian
  3. OK I will try that. I set the parking brake with . on the keyboard
  4. Thanks for the advice I did check but still not working. If I asked the follow me vehicle to take me to a particular gate do I have to be parked at that specific gate in order for everything to work correctly regards Brian
  5. I have just purchased and installed AES. I am using LIMC (Malpensa) which I activated and also a PMDF Boeing 747-400 aircraft. AES starts up Ok and I get the Follow Me Vehicle to direct me to the gate, but when I arrive I put on the parking brake and turn off the engines. I then select AES to get the various services and it continually says ' Set brakes and stop engines' so I cannot proceed Any help would be much appreciated regards Brian
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