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  1. OK did that. PFPX is not showing in Programs and Features after install and getting error mesage ' Cannot find mfc140.dll '. Also still getting SETUP FAILED when trying to install Microsofr Visual ++ 1015 - 2019. regards Brian
  2. I am running Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit and FS9. I downloaded and installed PFPX to the default folder and then copied the PFPX Hotfix 1.28.pi to that folder and overwrote the original PFPX.exe but was unable to install because of two error messages. I then followed theHow to fix PFPX runtime problems supplied in this forum. On checking there were no Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 in the programs and feateatures so I attempted to install Microsoft Visual++ 2017 and got a message SETUP FAILED. I am getting really frustrated as I have now been trying to resolve this sitauation for 3 days and still not been able to use PFPX so any help would be much appreciated. regards Brian
  3. I have a registered copy of FSMap installed in FS9 and the installation of the application and gauge seems okm but when selecting the FSmap gauge in the aircraft panel no map is showing. Any help would be much appreciated regards Brian
  4. Could someone please tell me where I can find a map for the Uk which can be used in FSMap. Any help would be much appreciated regards Brian
  5. As requested attached screenshot regards Brian
  6. I am running FSX and Windows 7 Pro 64bit and when trying to export a flightplan from PFPX I get an error message ' 0 routes saved. 1 error occurred' When selecting the error is states ' Can't write to file 'C:\Users\Brian\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\Flight Simulator X Files\EGJBEGKKp1.pln' Any help would be much appreciated. regards Brian
  7. That solved the problem. Thank you very much for your help. regards Brian
  8. OK I will try that. I set the parking brake with . on the keyboard
  9. Thanks for the advice I did check but still not working. If I asked the follow me vehicle to take me to a particular gate do I have to be parked at that specific gate in order for everything to work correctly regards Brian
  10. I have just purchased and installed AES. I am using LIMC (Malpensa) which I activated and also a PMDF Boeing 747-400 aircraft. AES starts up Ok and I get the Follow Me Vehicle to direct me to the gate, but when I arrive I put on the parking brake and turn off the engines. I then select AES to get the various services and it continually says ' Set brakes and stop engines' so I cannot proceed Any help would be much appreciated regards Brian
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