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  1. As requested attached screenshot regards Brian
  2. I am running FSX and Windows 7 Pro 64bit and when trying to export a flightplan from PFPX I get an error message ' 0 routes saved. 1 error occurred' When selecting the error is states ' Can't write to file 'C:\Users\Brian\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\Flight Simulator X Files\EGJBEGKKp1.pln' Any help would be much appreciated. regards Brian
  3. I am running FS9 and setting up a flightplan in PFPX but when selecting export I get an error ' No routes saved. 1 error occured ' If I expnad this it says ' Can't write to file C\Users\Brian\Documents\Fligh Simulator Files\EGJBEGKK01.pln. ' Any help would be much appreciated regards Brian
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    PFPX Gate Departure

    ok thanks regards Brian
  5. Is it possible to start a PFPX flightplan from a gate? regards Brian
  6. I am running FS9 with AES 2.45A and UK2000 Gatwick Extreme and UK2000 Guernsey are not showing in the actication of airports list. Any help would be much appreciated. regards Brian
  7. Hello Judith Re-installed PFPX and everything appears to be OK
  8. Hello Judith As requested I have sent a PM with full name regards Brian
  9. When selecting the PFPX icon on the desktop I get a warning message 'PFPX is akready running'. Nothing showing in task manager, Any help would be much appreciated# regards Brian
  10. Managed to solve the problem by re-installing Topcat regards Brian
  11. Hi Stephen Thanks for your help and I have done as you suggested regards Brian
  12. Hi Stephen That is what I am trying to do when I get the error regards Brian
  13. Hi Stephen Sorry to be so vague but can you explain how I add the Topcat profile to PFPX regards Brian
  14. I have added and aircraft to PFPX but when try to transfer to Topcat by selecting edit I get an error message ' An error occurred. This feature requires a full version of TOPCAT - Take-Off and Landing Performance Tool. ' I have a registered copy of Topcat. Any help would be much appreciated regards Brian
  15. I have just purchased and installed UK2000 Gatwick Extreme v4 but it is not being recognized By AES Any help would be much appreciated/ regards Brian