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  1. 1263 downloads

    Merry Xmas to all of you. Hope you like Finnair Santa Claus Airliner
  2. 1347 downloads

    This is my SAS OY-KBL. She is a dirty girl and got some repair in the the last years. So you find 2 more versions of enginecovers. Enjoy
  3. 804 downloads

    And here you have the sister of SE-RJE, SE-RJF.
  4. 411 downloads

    This is one of two A320 flying in Sweden. The sister is SE-RJF. Installation look at readme. Enjoy.
  5. 847 downloads

    Here my SAS -Hjörulf Viking- A320-212 for Aerosoft A320 IAE w/o SL
  6. 898 downloads

    Air Canada sponsor of Toronto Raptors. You get 2 Versions, w/wo SL, please look at readme-file
  7. 540 downloads

    Airbus A321 SAS LN-RKI with special picture of H.C. Andersen at the midsection. 2 typs are possible 1. the original without SL and 2. with SL.
  8. Version 1


    Air Berlin -DISCOVER AMERICA.COM for Aerosoft 320 SL . Please install manualy. thanks
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