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  1. Thanks for the hint! Stupid me was fiddling with the fuel levers on the FE lower Panel...
  2. Well, ok, I was late... I'll try the "master battery" trick
  3. I do have the same (similar) issue: I have the P3d standard default Scenario (with the F-22), but do start my flight with the DC-8 preselected through standard menu: I set DC-8 aircraft and pick Airport / parking spot. Sometimes I do set up a flight plan already before starting the scenario, but as for the DC-8 I usually set flight plan while I'm at the ramp only. Anyway, after starting the scenario, the DC-8 sits at the parking with engines running, then I select "cold&dark" from Shift-3 menu (usually after I switched through all views). I follow the steps given by the checklist / tutorial flight. When it comes to engine starting, I have the ingnition armed, external power and air connected. I set the fuel levers to off and main boost pump #3 to boost&feed. When I hit the starter button #3, it spools up and I select fuel lever on, but it is not getting "over the hump". So I cancel by depressing starter button #3. Then I can't do a second try with #3, as it just won't spool up anymore. I can try the other engines though, but same thing: N2 RPM goes to around "2", then nothing. I found a cumbersome workaround for me: I hit CTRL+E to have the Sim doing the default start procedure. Don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting this to work properly, but at least it helps like this: After CTRL+E, #1 spools up, but still no ignition. Default procedure then stops automatically. Now I'm able to start #1 as per the checklist. I have to repeat this for each engine, so first CTRL+E, wait until it fails and Sim stops the default procedure (N2 Drops again), then do normal start up procedure. Well..
  4. Hi, don't get fooled by the term "Austrian" in the name. This is just because Diamond is an austrian company. So all planes are called "Austrian", you can distinguish the "english version" by looking at the registration only Have fun flying!!
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