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  1. I see that they can be preordered ,just can't find out when the are due to be shipped. steve
  2. Hi all there has been a lot of comments on the airbus X,you know something,this aircraft is the only Payware aircraft that has never let me down. never bluescreened,never ctd,never just stopped working,crashed or anything else,every time i use it(every flight) it does exactly what it is supposed to do.for what i paid for it,i've had literally hundreds of hours of pleasure.Now i know people have had and are still having problems with it and i really do sympathise with you,been there and done that with other payware aircraft. should add i use this with FsCaptain,Ezdok,Rex,Gexeur/na/afme and also Utx and it still runs very very smooth. so to the developers and shaun as the title says..A Big thumbs up from me. steve-o :-)
  3. Thanks Joshua for the fix.. makes a great difference :-) thanks steve
  4. Hi Tomaz It's the only aircraft i use .still think it's great.waiting patiently for the patch ,but still use it everyday. did a long flight last night(for me)LFMN to LPMA,both Aerosoft scenery airports.both amazing. steve
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