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  1. Hi Joachim As there wasn't a switchable battery switch in the cockpit view ( only have a switchable gps and vario/stf.... ) I didn't realise there was a command to switch the battery, sorry. But ironically, the gps switch, even without the gps on view, has a distinct effect... odd
  2. Thanks for fast response Joachim, I switched the GPS on and off (normally don't have it showing anyway) and the frame rate does indeed drop and pop up after switching off again. Thank you for the advice, I flew for a couple of hours this morning and it seems solid with good fps...phew.. : ) Regards Kent o/
  3. Hi there I loaded up the Discus about a week ago, an excellent model with realistic physics, but am having some very annoying frame rate hits. I have a GTX285 Nvidia Graphics card, 6g ram, and i7 920, I'm using FSX with Cumulusx. I normally have no trouble running solid at 40fps at 1920x1200 with all the models I've used. When I load up the discus, I immediately take a hit to the frames and they drop to 30 dipping to late teens roughly.... I have tried everything I can to try and isolate the problem but can't find anything. I even emptied the texture folders of all the files and flew with a basically black interior, I still took the frame hit. I love the glider, and want to use it, but I just can't at the moment without lowering my monitor resolution to a lower settting, I'm sad that I can't use it, and frustrated a bit now. I realise that this is not a global issue, no one else I can find online it seems has reported this issue, would anyone be able to suggest anything that I might try or what I may be doing incorrectly? Thanks o/
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