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  1. Actually nope, as I have the installer files dowloaded since around 2009. I only have the files saved.
  2. Hi Shaun, In the news bulletin I got in e-mail from Aerosoft it stated, that owners of previous versions can get version 2.0 (FSX) as update free of charge. I have version 1.3 so in this case how does the "free update" work? I've only found the link to the webshop. Could you please advise? Thank you in advance! Regards, Gabor
  3. <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Hi Shaun, I tried all you suggested, but still... I can't get BP airport off the lags. Also, I noticed that with unlimited framerate everything runs smoot. So it's good, but Male Int, and Santorini just slows down (brakes up) with unlimited framerate. I'm still trying though... Thanks, Judge
  4. <br /><br /><br /> Hello Shaun, Thanks for the info. Now I only have the version for FSX. Also, I have tried the Default setting - which seems to be the "Ultra high" setting. Santorini X and Maldives X is fine, but Budapest still knocks down... I still could barely move on the ground, and target framrate is around 20 (in the settings...). I'm afraid that if I reduce the scenery detail settings, and some/all vehicles for Budapest, then all other airports will be reduced too. Thanks, Judge
  5. Hy All! My problem is I have Mega Airport Budapest, I have installed it also, but I can not get it work properly that is it lags so much that I can't even taxi to the RWY as, the game is soooooo slow. Surely that would be some kind of setting, but I can't see what. I have Maldive X, and Santorini X, which both work fine. If I fly from anywhere to LHBP, then - as soon as I get near Budapest, the game starts to lag, etc... Budapest simply gets me crazy. I have upgraded my PC for this airport twice now, but still I can't get it work. It's quite annoying, especially when I read the system requirements that it needs "only" 2 GHz, and 512 Mb RAM. My system now is a quad core i5, with 4 Gb RAM, and nVidia 9500, 1 Gb GDDR2, so I guess my PC would be enough. Also could you pls tell me what is the difference between Mega Airport Budapest and Budapest 2007 (they were both in the package). Any ideas what I could do? Thanks for your help in advance! BR, Judge
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