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  1. Hi, thanks for the answer.I'll ask my pilot friends based in AYT to take some hi-res photos from all sides.Will keep you posted.
  2. Hi guys, I have the 1.04 version of Antalya and still even the latest version has the old domestic terminal building (which doesn't exist any more),the current domestic terminal has been extended on the right side with more gates,merged with the old terminal,I see that you left this part in construction,do you have any plans to update this part in the future ? Here's how it looks now : http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=6993866&nseq=5 Thank you.
  3. hello again.Sorry it took a little more than I expected.I downloaded the afcad program and took lfpg afcad for search.The spot I fell in had a problem.Unlike the other taxiways,the taxiway there was not linked.As seen here : Then I connected these taxiways,hoping this was the problem for everything : Well unfortunately,the end was the same :cry: :cry: So I am starting to think that this has nothing to do with the afcad file.I even downloaded another afcad from avsim and tried that and it wouldn't work.Even if the taxiways weren't linked,it was supposed to see that part as the land and it should continue to taxi like it is a grass runway or something isn't it ? But instead the aircraft seems to fall inside the earth.
  4. Thank you.That seemed a little bit confusing but I'll try it ASAP.
  5. Ok did that uninstall/reinstall thingy.Not working for me. Anyway I guess I'll remind myself not to use 27L for landing,or not to use that exit .Thank you for your help.
  6. Yesterday,I did a short hop from Gatwick to CDG.I had my final approach on runway 27L,touched down,and vacated the runway.After exit,my aircraft's nose went deep down into ground and sank and it crashed.I disable crash and on the very same spot this time the aircraft jumps high into air then falls back.That's so disturbing. I had similar crash problems on non-scenery airports and I thought something happened to my fs9.Well then tried deactivating the Simwings CDG and again landed on 27L and vacated via same exit and this time no sinking to ground or crashes.It kept taxiing normally.So when deactivating worked,I came into thinking that there's something wrong with the scenery.I tried with all kinds of aircraft;payware,default,general aviation and happened for all of them.Well here's the exit I am talking about,it is the 6th exit from the piano keys,exit next to the underground train.Well looked up for the taxiway sign but couldn't find which : Can you please check out this taxiway on your scenery whether there's the same problem or if this is just caused by my fs.Thank you for helping...
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