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  1. Hello, Good Afternoon,

    I am having a little problem, i installed the map but I can't set a timetable, there is all the lines but no tour.

    Can you help me out?

    Did you install the map correctly?

    Please download the new version 2.6 and choose the Depot "Dortmund" when selecting a bus.

  2. I've tried twice to install this map. Both times, the installer ran and everything looked to be going well. But when I open OMSI, the map is not there. Anyone else have this problem?

    It is necessary to choose "Load map without busses" german--> "Karte ohne Busse laden" to make new maps appearing in the start up window.

  3. It's a pretty good map, good routes etc. But it's not quite up to the 'hype' that Aerosoft like to make about it! ...... For example the 'Spandau Modern' maps are better than this in every respect. But still a good map and worth having in your OMSI.

    Which hype?

  4. Zunächst muss die ALTE Version der Dortmund Map KOMPLETT händisch deinstalliert werden. Erst danach bitte die neue Version installieren.

    Sollte der Fehler nochmal auftauchen, bitte die Objekte angeben, die nicht geladen werden können.

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