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  1. A very cool screenshots! Seeing the inside. Will it be possible to add passengers?
  2. Hello Mathijs Kok , as a streamer, how can I access the product? Can I contact you privately?
  3. Hello, @Mathijs Kok I would like to be able to contact you privately. How can I do it? Thank you a greeting
  4. Ok, you're right Shaun. My fault for not looking at me carefully the manual. I usually read manuals, but sometimes a few chapters to directly (usually settings) and you miss other more quicklythan it should. I do not happen again again. Thanks for your patience with us. Regards
  5. Ok, after some adjustments seem to have gotten a little better performance. Now, with a cowl I'm above 10 fps with bad weather conditions. One last question that I have encountered. When I select the Airport (PANC), when I accept the name that appears in the location is "Lake Hood Strip". Based on the sample images, the airport is displayed correctly, but I find it a bit strange this behavior in the selection menus. What you also will happen?. Then I leave two screenshots so you can see what I mean. Image 1. Select the airport PANC. Image 2. In the location I get "Lake Hood Strip" instead of "Stevens Anchorage Int". Greetings and Happy New Year!
  6. James, what level of autogen normally use? It also has a NVIDIA 560 GTX graphics card? What driver version do you use?. I currently use version 275.33. The last two versions gave me some problems. Any special parameter in fsx.cfg? I have to do some more tests, but maybe some of these things can be the difference. The 15 to 20 fps you mention also have to bad weather or clear skies? Greetings.
  7. I recently purchased Anchorage X for FSX. The scenery is great in detail but I found a poor performance in some conditions, making it nearly unusable in some situations. Specifically, a few days ago I was flying with very bad weather, poor visibility and heavy rain and FPS dropped below 5 fps. I understand it is an environment and harsh conditions and it is natural to lose some fps, but I never had a drop in performance as in other scenerys. My computer has a 3.4 GHz i7 processor, 6 GB of RAM, Nvidia Asus GTX 560 1GB and a dedicated hard disk(7,200 RPM) for FSX. I have to do some more tests with different settings, but I was very surprised by the performance drop with this particular scenery. Any suggestions? Are you planning to release an update with some optimizations? A greeting.
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