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  1. Is it ready ? I can't wait anymore ! You both do a great job !
  2. Hey Holgi, I do really love your job ! Would it be easy for you to repaint the rest 3 A320-232 of Cyprus Airways (5B-DCH, 5B-DCK, 5B-DCM) and the only one A320-231 (5B-DBB) ? I only use this airline on my FSX and it would be awsome if you could repaint the rest of the fleet, so I can change aircraft every time I fly ! Thanks in advanced !
  3. Good afternoon everyone ! Your job is great and i am wondering, if it's possible to have a repaint of an A320-200 from Cyprus Airways. This airline has at the moment 6 A320s with registrations 5B-DBB, BC, CG, CH, CJ, CK. I can not find a repaint of any A320 of Cyprus Airways compatible with FSX and I would like one ! Thanks in advance ! Andreas
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