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  1. Thanks but i have to mention that the problem happen in several models , but in the other models they work correctly. Thanks again.
  2. Hey. can anyone tell me what is the problem in the hyd sys?? this problem don't let me to start the engine...how can i solve this problem?? pic : Thankes!.=]
  3. Thank you man!!! god bless you! its awesome !! you create this?? for you... ImageShack.us
  4. hey barak. its doesn't work to me ... I fllow to your readme file and its don't work to me... What you mean? i should see a something little like a traffic light? it's don't shows up... what i can do? Thankes..=]
  5. thank you!! there is really hud in this colors on f-16?
  6. Thanks man, I am a bit disappointed because the main goal of a fighter jet is the weapons. And yes, i meant to missile lunch and hits you can really change the fsx ...there are peple who want to fight in a good simultor like this. I sure you, and the guys in aerosoft can do it . Thanks..=]
  7. hey guys ! thare is flare/chaff system to f-16 ?? i have a ask to aerosoft ...why thare is a simple man how do a flare system and big good compeny like you can't do that ? its not so hard for you...
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