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  1. Hello Shaun, Looking forward to his answer Polly®
  2. Hello Shaun, Always follow the checklist more than 1,5 year,actually I always use the baro setting....so never used it till a couple of days ago,just curiousity If I read your answer correct,it should be working....strange Greetz, Polly®
  3. suppose Shaun you know the answer?
  4. Can somebody tell me how to let function the radar altimeter switching to radar instead of e.g baro gives me Hud reading 000 and a warning on caution panel RADAR ALT Thanks Polly®
  5. Everyone thanks for the comment,effort and so on. Polly®
  6. To solve this problem just set global texture resolution all the way down Polly ®
  7. Thanks Jack Correct as you said the exhaust animation in this sim is in almost full open position,if is in the air or ground at 80% RPM it should be almost fully closed or at least 20% open but hey its a sim and there has a lot to be desired(too much)!!! see my post Final Thoughts Polly ®
  8. After 200+ hours flying the AS F-16,some final thoughts which I will share on this forum Have to say it looks/works nice nevertheless any comparison I don t have,simply there is no comparison with any other F-16(FSX),yes some other brand,no comment to that As I know a lot of detail inside/outside/systems is within the limitations of FSX(which so much better then FS9 but thats have the judge everyone by himself and wont discuss it here) That said,I can t image how difficult it could be to put a RPM gauge that goes to 110% in the GE driven Viper,or as I wrote before on this forum,a total incorrect exhaust annimation in contrast to RPM.(one of the answers I got on that topic how it really works in life,thanks anyway,funny) That goes also to the HUD which part are missing in screen and 80% of the buttons,functions are non functional. The manual is useless,everything I need to know I use the Falcon 4.0 manual which also show how much is skipped,true its a total other platform..nevertheless,it give you serious doubts. Another point,AS did/do a lot of add on scenery because things comes to life,you dont wont taxi/flying around a standard airport My point,is when all systems are down,no wheel chocks,pilot is still there..........!! The answer I read....even you don t see it,its still there.......so what.......that few frames.......nowadays!! WE MADE IT ONLY FOR FLYING,cant understand it...my opinion,its the details that counts in combination whith so much as can useable systems and knobs Why I fly it,easy Combination of its looks,which are undoubtly good,MAIW AI Nick Black(thanks for the handy manual for ai on the OWLs Nest)NL 2000(outstanding dutch scenery),UKMIL providing UK Airfields....and some global to upgrade FSX looks And I wont forget Dag and Finn for there Viper texture upgrade,so may thanks to you guys I know AS is a commercial company but I think I speak for a lot of people,do something make an upgrade for eg If your customers are satisfied,other AS products sell themselves. Final thoughts by Polly® Thank you
  9. I tried every possible way to change it but as I said I m not a programmer so can somebody outhere help me a little bit to figure this out to make this baby as real as it can by the way,I dont have sleepless nights of it :-)only the fact to get it as close to the real viper
  10. sounds right to me RPGRYNN thanks for the information but the question is how to get the right nozzle animation in this bird?
  11. this is correct saw all F-16 s,P&W, nozzles act this way,is there a possibility to change this as in real life in fact I grew up with the Viper as they fly around nearby and I studied a litte bit,in fact the Mlu version with P&W engine gives the follow rpm vs nozzle position at 80% RPM this will be 20% Nozzle,at 90% RPM at 10% nozzle until 100% full mil fully closed Below 80% RPM variation will be between 30 and below to full open position It would be great to see the viper exhaust nozzle act this way I m not a programmer so dont nothing about it,is there somebody who can help me out thanks away
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