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  1. There already is a Handbuch for everyone zum runterladen. And it does nix cost. Handbuch
  2. Is there anyone out there, who would manage to bring a light aircraft to smoke that way? Very realistic indeed! I wonder where in any case the benefit is, in oposite to the currently available DA20. If I can believe in one of the feature lists that were announced in the previews, everything was built there, that had no place in the Airbus. Marcel Felde will surley demonstrate again his impressive skills in 3D design arts, but the question is, who needs the Bird?
  3. Objection your honour! a well trained pilot, who is paying attention to universal valid learning content, will aim to minimize his workload to zero. Due to its unchallenging behavior, the spermbird is highly esteemed by elder flyers which always do, what they always did. But the truth is, all grandpa-pilots, that I know, are not able to navigate correct with ADF and VOR, as far as the Katana is equiped with. DA20 is a VFR-plane and its sufficient to have a proper flight preparation, compounded with a skillful visual navigation. In times where a lot of LR-NDB´s are going to be shut down, a GPS for additional flying convenience is surely the better deal. When doing so, you might have spare time, to look out of the cabin to relax and enjoying the scenery, what was hardly possible the last 20 years, while tracking ADF and VOR in a ridiculous 2-seat-coffee-tourer.
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