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  1. I found out what I was doing wrong, I was not playing properly, not changing the bus sign for the people to ride the bus.. (No Instructions on how to play this damn thing to begin with). I even went as far as reinstalling my Windows 7 and brought it down to Windows 7 Professional x64. I have completed all missions except the one listed below but have not attempted the last one as of yet because I have been trying to beat the one listed below now for over 3 or 4 weeks or more. UNO Conference (normal) [14+ times, Successful in 1.3, no success in 1.4.1] Results = Mission Failed. You did not transport all passengers. I have been doing everything I can think of and find without any success. My last attempt was just a few moments ago. I followed every traffic light, avoided hitting other cars / trucks. Every single passenger I picked up had gotten off at their stops. Even made sure I did not over due it with the #5 response to the passengers (#6 mostly). I even head counted at every stop to make sure passengers were on the bus. I even made sure I did not do more than 25MPH on the route, <20 in the residential area. I am about ready to give up on this thing it seems pointless. I have failed others like this before, but a 2nd go I was able to complete it, but NOT this one. What gives here? Thanks for any help or advice in advance. Sincerely, D0c
  2. I am running windows 7 ultimate edition x64 with 6GB of memory and an Intel Core2 Quad 2.4Ghz Processor.. One huge problem I have been having since the update installed is not being able to complete ANY mission task. I have been trying the easy ones and I cannot get them completed. I was able to complete these same missions on 1.3. I have been trying over the past 24 hours to complete: Stand In (easy) [4 times, Successful in 1.3, no success in 1.4.1] Event at the Javits Center (normal) [5 times, Successful in 1.3, no success in 1.4.1] ] Storm (hard) [3 time, no success] UNO Conference (normal) [6 times, Successful in 1.3, no success in 1.4.1] All missions fail with the SAME message: Mission Failed. You did not transport all passengers. I am reluctant to attempt anymore missions due to the fact, even easy ones will not complete even though everything is being done right to a tee! Even trying to 'Run As Administrator' produces same results. What is the problem with this thing? I only have two completed missions in all, but these were done BEFORE the 1.4.1 update. Bus Transfer (normal) - COMPLETED Tourist Shuttle (easy - COMPLETED How do we get this fixed? What is causing these issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Doc
  3. That is IF your keys are set up to being with. You may have to go into the Controls and configure them first! They give you a list of DEFAULT keys, but what they do not tell you is the keys are not set to begin with. Did you even notice that the English version has a GERMAN Keyboard Layout image? Also, if you run Windows 7 64-Bit, do not try to go out the exit on the right. Your game will FREEZE / Lock-up. I just recently discovered this flaw. No place to really report any bugs in this place. To continue with these, drive to the left and head out that exit. Otherwise you take your chances At The Developers: Thanks for the 'Beta' like game boys & girls. D0c
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