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  1. is there any software for repaint's accept route editor
  2. hi i need a tutorial of how to use the route editor because i want to create all the routes of stagecoach in manchester
  3. hi i had the same problem but if you go to the circleline on the bus stop it says click try clicking if it doesnt work press I and then it says depates at .:.. and then you have to press iver click or i again and then drive that route bambam35614
  4. can someone please help me how to add an extra bus into missions or how to put new missions in
  5. hi can't do chapter 1 if you could give some advise that would be nice thanx
  6. you wait till you get to the waypoint don't reply
  7. can you download new busses
  8. can you download new missions and where from
  9. can't do it because i don't know where service car is
  10. how do you know a mission is over
  11. how do you open route editor ps can you use new york and how do you open it
  12. hi still don't get service car please video to show me where it is and how do you open the door
  13. stop at next stop then open both front and back doors front for passengers to get on back to get off
  14. what is the service car??? where is the service car??? how do you control the service car???
  15. i have lowered the bus put wheelchair icon on then i have lowered the lift the wheelchair person has got on i have tried every wheelchair control but it just beeps
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